WD Expands Gold Series Enterprise HDDs (Update 18TB model)

Friends, We share Hard drives latest news: How the company quietly tarnished its reputation by selling slow-moving SMR (HDDs) drives did not show much positive response until late in the day from Western digital customers. For the company, this is a different story.

The company’s CMR based gold line is generally one of its best sellers. Now, 16TB is going to introduce an 18TB Gold HDT, first in the UK and then in the US.

It does not matter what happens in the WD in the HDD space, the consumer is expanding its offer to the business and data center. Customers with large storage demands can now expect 16TB WD and 18TB models in the gold line of the STA drive.

The 3.5 Inch 00 7400 RPM Gold Series uses “traditional magnetic recording” (CMR) technology and is designed to withstand annual operation (24x7x365) in the most demanding storage environments.

WD Expands Gold Series Enterprise HDDs

WD exemplifies enhanced reliability by specifying 2.5M hours (interval between failures) of MTBF for this drive.


As noted by Domin Hardware, both new capability models are currently available. The UK-based retailer SPAN, and are not listed on WD’s official website.

The 16TB version sells for 464 (~ 80 580), while the 18TB version costs £ 520 (~ 50 650). Both models are expected to be less expensive when they become available in the United States.

Efficiently measures WD’s Gold Series drive cache and data transfer rate. Note, the 14TB model has 512MB of cache and is rated at 267MB/s for maximum durability.

Although expectations have not improved significantly with the new 16TB and 18TB models. The slight increase in cache size and transfer rates is expected.

These specifications, along with other information such as power requirements and noise levels, will soon appear in WD’s product summary. The company offers a 5-year warranty on all existing gold models, and these new variants will be shipped with it.

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