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Today i’m going to show you the top 10 common juicing mistakes in 2020 around.

Juicing is the best way to get essential nutrients into your body, which can make it harder for your body to fully absorb them.

“Many people around the world understand that homemade juice is a unique convenient and sure way to get important nutrients, minerals and antioxidants from fruits”.🍒

“However, we try to perfect our art, and common mistakes in curiosity are common because we want to be interested in the home”.🏡

”This post will cover 10 common mistakes you make while making fruit juice and the solutions related to them to help you get optimal betting benefits”.

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Juicing Mistakes ⚠ ⬇

1. Using the wrong juicer 🍺

Using the wrong juicer

This mainly affects beginners who do not know much about juicer. “Usually any juicer machine will accidentally dispose of them in the juice of any substance they receive”.

“Not only does it reduce performance and shorten the life of the juicer, this procedure gives you a lower quality extract that will not be attractive when used”.

Even if you are nervous at first, try to identify the right juicer to use for each product. 👌

2. Waiting longer to drink your green juice 🍷

Waiting longer to drink your green juice

“As your freshly made green juice spreads”, it begins to form directly in the living body, so the nutrient content decreases.

I can tell right now how I feel after drinking old juice, fresh juice. The direct enzymes in the new juice give me instant energy – the old juice doesn’t stimulate me as much.

“If you want to get the optimal value from your juice, drink it as soon as it is fresh, healthy and very effective”.

If you make a mistake in taking the normal juice, do not put it in a cold glass or steel container for more than three days.

3. Eat lots of sweet fruits and vegetables in your green fruit juices 🍈

Eat lots of sweet fruits and vegetables in your green fruit juices

Sweet fruits and vegetables like melons, apples, pears and carrots are nutritious when eaten whole, but if you eat a lot of them juicy, you can increase the amount of sugar and fructose in your diet.

If an extract contains too much natural sugar, it can dramatically affect insulin levels, leading to the most beautiful things like hunger and weight gain. “That’s why I recommend you keep a maximum of 1 to serve greens and vegetables”.

(“One note – if you are trying to turn your kids into green fruit juices, you can start by adding 2 fruits to each serving, but gradually reduce it as you get used to the taste”.)😋

4. Excess sugar 🍨

Excess sugar

The fruit juice is delicious, and you will be tempted to drink a large glass of fresh juicy fruit every day. “The vitamin and fiber in fruit juices are beneficial, but it is also rich in fructose”.

When fructose is locked into the flesh cells of the fruit, it does not have much impact on our body. Once you extract the juice, you have created a simple carbohydrate that raises your blood sugar.

Excess fructose can cause problems such as obesity and diabetes, so don’t go crazy with fruit. ✌

5. Quickly drain the juice ⏳

Quickly drain the juice

So, you took half an hour to make your fruit or vegetarian juice and cleaned your juice, then drank your juice in a long and quick swallow?

“Although fascinating, many people make these funny mistakes”! Read on to find out what you are missing.

“Once digestion begins in the mouth, take some time to chew your juice and taste it before swallowing for further digestion and absorption“.

This will allow the digestive enzymes in your saliva to break down the juice that is easily absorbed into your system.

6. Do not chew your green juice 🍀

Do not chew your green juice

Fruit juices (and smoothies) are edible and should be chewed. It is important to swallow the juice around your mouth or move your jaw down for a few seconds before swallowing to release saliva that contains important digestive enzymes.

Digestive enzymes are important to provide nutrients to your cells. “When I went to see the doctor for lunch”. I was happy to do this when he went with Marcola and drank the green juice – he carried it forward with great enthusiasm.

I personally like to use clear gestures and hold the juice in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

7. Go to bed immediately after taking the juice 🍹

Go to bed immediately after taking the juice

Did you hit the bed after taking your fresh juice? You are doing everything wrong. “When unpleasant, some people make the mistake of making fruit juice”. Some people put their juices to bed waiting for sleep.

“When you sleep, most of the body’s metabolic processes are buried only at the level of respiration”.

In short, “all digestion and absorption stops when you sleep. Usually, this is a waste of the precious juice you drank just before bed“.

8. Ingestion of whole stomach juice 🍶

Ingestion of whole stomach juice

You should not change the food in a glass of juice and at the same time avoid eating the food. The contents of your stomach will soften the absorption of the nutrients you receive on an empty stomach.

For best results, “try soaking in a soothing juice before breakfast and give yourself half an hour to digest“.

9. Spinach or kale juicing 🌱

Spinach or kale juicing

Diversity is the spice of life and it is important to juice it properly and safely and avoid hormonal issues.

“Add oxalic acid seeds (which affect the thyroid gland) and greens (black, sesame, spinach, mustard greens, cabbage, dandelion, arugula, etc”.) in your juice and give a balanced dose in each juice. . Various vitamins and minerals for your body.

10. Relying on the same old thing 💭

Relying on the same old thing

Yes, fruits and vegetables are healthy, yes, they have good nutrition, but you can get good things. Remember that “every food is a poison if eaten in large quantities even in water”.

To avoid reaching toxic levels of certain vitamins and nutrients, it is a good idea to shake those items every time you are interested.

Try fresh fruit and vegetable or different flavor combinations every time you set fire to the juicer so, you can have enough variety in your diet to stay healthy and stay out of the danger zone. 👒

Conclusion 🎩

Juicing is not a perfect science, but following the tips above will make use of your new endeavor. Remember to avoid chemical pesticides by choosing organic ingredients, take it slowly and remember when you take the extract for best results. 👍

Most importantly, “the above warning should not prevent you from sinking deeper into your hobby“. There is more to getting from healthy fruit juices than things to worry about.

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