Best Juicers under $100 [Top 25 Update 2020]

๐Ÿ‘ณ Assalamu Alaikum. Today I’m going to show you the 25 Best Affordable and Powerful juicers under $100 full uncommon reviews of the earth. Juicing has become popular over the past few years. It removes harmful toxins from your body and promises to keep you refreshed, healthy, strong, and energetic.

๐Ÿ’ช”You do not have to spend the whole salary to make freshly squeezed juice at home”, in fact, you can get a lot of options without spending in the 100 regions.

When buying, you have to pay the price for speed and convenience compared to the maximum nutritional value.

This is one of the three main types of Best Affordable and Powerful Juicers on the market:

โœ’ Best Centrifugal Juicer operates like a blender rotating at high speed to separate the juice from the pulp. centrifugal juicers rely on fast-rotating plates to cut the product and extract the juice.

The spinning knife cuts the product, which is then forced to the edge of the container, where a series of small holes in the screen called the filter basket allow small pulp and juice to enter.

๐ŸบThey work best to extract the pulp before the centrifugal great juicer machines are placed in the pulp. The bottom layer models do a weak job, however, you can replace the grout removal machine with grout again, which is a necessary pain.

However, there are some drawbacks: it is noisy and can lead to high oxygen exposure and lack of certain nutrients due to heat in the motor and blades.

โœ’ Best Masticating Juicer, also known as cold-press juicers, use gears instead of knives to grind fruits and vegetables.

This is a slow process, but because of the low heat, it can help preserve nutrients. although they are slower than centrifugal juicers, they absorb more juice in a pass from the machine.

It works very well to move the pulp from the machine so it is very easy to clean. The juicing process takes more time “up to 10 minutes” so you need to plan ahead and plan accordingly.

โœ’ Best Citrus Juicers Kitchen tool that removes citrus fruit and vegetable juices from meat dishes. Manual citrus juicers are called hand juicing presses, usually made with a solid bar with a cone or cup, which is extracted by squeezing half of the orange, lime, lemon, tomato, or other similar food to extract the juice.

Best Juicers under $100 2020
Best juicers under of $100 [Top 25 Update]

As you begin to reap the benefits of racing, you will struggle to find the best healthiest vegetables to juice, and most importantly, you can get the most efficient, affordable, and cheap juicers.

To make the process of buying a juicer for you easier, look at the less than best affordable juicers on the market currently on the market.

๐ŸˆWe only recommend our favorite products and think we will too. We can get a share of the sales from the products purchased from this article. Letโ€™s get started ๐Ÿƒ

โ„ Overview The Best affordable juicers Juicers Under $100 [Our #25 Juicers List]

10 Best budget masticating juicers [Amazing Juicers]โšก

  • โ™ป Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor.
  • โ™ป Bextcok Slow Masticating Juicer, Cold Press Juicer Machine Easy to Clean.
  • โ™ป Orfeld Slow Masticating Juicer, 7 Segment Spiral for Higher Juice Yield.
  • โ™ป AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer with Two Speed Modes.
  • โ™ป IKICH Masticating Juicer Machines 2-Speed Slow Masticating Juicer Easy to Clean.
  • โ™ป Aicook 2020 Newest Slow Masticating Juicer, Easy to Clean.
  • โ™ป Swaggart Juicer Slow Juicers Machine Portable Vertical Cold Press Juicer with Reversal Function.
  • โ™ป Picberm Slow Masticating Juicer Machines with Quiet Motor Reverse Function Veggies Fruits Cold Press Juicer Extractor Easy to Assemble and Clean with Brush.
  • โ™ป CalmDo Slow Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer with Reverse Function
  • โ™ป Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer.

10 Centrifugal Juicer Under $100 [Best of 2020] ๐Ÿฅ

  • โ™ป KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Juice Extractor with Big Mouth 3โ€ Feed Chute.
  • โ™ป Sagnart Juicer Machines Centrifugal Juice Extractor for Whole Fruit and Vegetables.
  • โ™ป Makoloce Centrifugal Juicer Machines,1200W Juicer Makers Ultra Fast Extract Various Fruit and Vegetable Juice.
  • โ™ป AZEUS Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Juice Extractor with Germany-Made 163 Chopping Blades.
  • โ™ป Hilax Centrifugal Juicer Machine – Juice Maker Extractor.โ™ป HERRCHEF Juice Extractor 600W with 3” Wide Mouth
  • โ™ป FaayFian Centrifugal Juicer Machine, Compact Juice Extractor.
  • โ™ป SOMOYA Juice Extractor Centrifugal Juicer Easy Clean 2020, 700 Watt Motors.
  • โ™ป Hamilton Beach Juicer. Bextcok Slow Masticating Juicer, Best cold press juicer under $100Machine, Big Mouth 3โ€ Feed Chute
  • โ™ป L’Equip Centrifugal Juicer with Extra Wide Feeder Mouth, 800-Watt Motors.

5 Best electric citrus juicers 2020 [Top List] ๐Ÿ”Œ

  • โ™ป AICOK Orange Juicer Electric Citrus Juicer with Humanized Handle.
  • โ™ป Chuzy Chef Electric Citrus Juicer Fruit Machines.
  • โ™ป CO-Z Commercial Grade Citrus Juicer Professional Hand Press Manual Fruit Juicer.
  • โ™ป IMUSA USA J100-00110 Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer with Multi-Function.
  • โ™ป Eurolux ELCJ-1700 Electric Citrus Best Juicer Machine. These reviews should help you find out what is most important when buying a juicer. If thatโ€™s not enough, weโ€™ve also created a buyerโ€™s guide designed to teach you about the wonderful world of the juicer so you can enjoy a delicious drink quickly. ๐ŸŽIf you want to find the right juicer for you, you have come to the right place. ๐Ÿ‘

๐Ÿน The 10 Best Masticating Juicer Under $100 [Best of Juices]

1. Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Best Budget Slow Juicer ๐Ÿ“

Jocuu Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Best Budget Slow Juicer

[amazon fields=”B07RJBMWF6″ value=”button”]

Jocuu best slow juicer is soft/hard 2-speed, the jocuu juicers can extract all kinds of fibrous fruits and vegetables, the antioxidant rate is rich in vitamins which helps maintain good shape and boost immunity.

Weight loss can be very beneficial for people, children, and fathers. Jocuu best masticating juicer small feeder cheetah allows removing seeds and skins when cutting the fruit before extracting the juice to reduce the bitter taste.

Jocuu Slow Juicer extractor is not only taken care of by removing maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetables but also reduces oxidation due to the slow powerful masticating action.

Thanks to the brilliant design you can enjoy fresh and healthy fruit juices with low foam and excellent quality flavors. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

Jocuu best slow juicer under 100
Best Affordable Juicers Under $100


โ™ฆ Upgrade Two-speed Program.
โ™ฆ Safety Feeder Chute Design and Quiet Motor.
โ™ฆ low-speed silent motor, less than 60 decibels, quiet and safe environment.
โ™ฆ All detachable parts are made of high-quality food-grade antioxidant material.
โ™ฆ the dishwasher is safe and easy to clean.
โ™ฆ 10-year warranty of the motor and 3-year warranty of normal accessory exchange.

2. Bextcok Slow Masticating Juicer, Best cold press juicer under $100 ๐Ÿ

Bextcok Slow Masticating Juicer, Best cold press juicer under $100 ๐Ÿ

[amazon fields=”B083LPZB81″ value=”button”]

The backstock Best Affordable Juicers Under $100 machine will meet your juice needs. The new 8-section spiral technology can extract the most nutritious juice with the least amount of juice.

This technology will save you time and provide a healthy and nutritious lifestyle for you and your family! At Backstock we are always committed to providing quality products and excellent service.


โ™ฆ 10% more juice and 15% more vitamins and minerals.
โ™ฆ Juice Extract Rate: Orange 80%-90% Apple 70%-75% Celery 82% -88%.
โ™ฆ 60 DB sound motor, quiet, and safe environment.
โ™ฆ The 6 rubber anti-slip legs at the bottom fully secure the machine during operation.
โ™ฆ Featured security lock design, easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes.
โ™ฆ Lifetime technical consulting and customer service.

3. Orfeld Champion masticating juicer, 7 Segment Spiral for Higher Juice Yield ๐Ÿ‹

Orfeld Champion masticating juicer, 7 Segment Spiral for Higher Juice Yield ๐Ÿ‹

[amazon fields=”B08944763D” value=”button”]

The Orfeld best slow juicer is Soft juices with two speeds of soft/hard will meet most family juice extraction demands. The 7 section spiral opens each cell for maximum juice production.

The Gold Press Juicer maintains high nutrition without creating too much heat and friction. Preserving vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and nutrients. The pulp-containing fruit juice retains fiber, which affects blood sugar, keeps obesity at bay, and maintains a healthy body.”

With a brilliant safety chip and all the separable parts”, the best budget slow juicer machine is made of high-quality food-quality material (no BPA). “Enjoy delicious fruit and vegetable juices quietly”. ๐Ÿก


โ™ฆ High juice production and riser nutrition.
โ™ฆ Low noise and easy to operate and clean.
โ™ฆ Improve both speed program and reverse function.
โ™ฆ Intelligent security chip and food quality material.
โ™ฆ 12 months warranty.

4. AMZCHEF Best Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer with Two Speed Modes ๐Ÿ

AMZCHEF Best Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer with Two Speed Modes

[amazon fields=”B081H6PKCS” value=”button”]

AMZCHEF slow best masticating juicer uk produces high quality fruit or vegetable juices based on a method that reduces oxygen and heat exposure, effectively preserving the nutrients, color and aroma of the ingredients.

This AMZCHEF slow best juicers 2020 features a flexible 2-speed controller for extracting a wide variety of fruits and vegetables (including leafy vegetables).

The slow masticating and small feeding slope design not only removes more than 90% of the juice and dry pulp, but also protects the maximum nutrients from fruits and vegetables, but also reduces the antioxidant rate.

The best heavy-duty juicers motor runs at less than 0 dB, so it will not disturb your neighbor and you will be comfortable while taking an interest. A button assembling design allows the juicer to be picked up in seconds.

The machine can be easily cleaned with the provided cleaning brush.”All of these functions make the juice extractor a versatile machine worth investing in a modern kitchen”.


โ™ฆ 2speed control and LED display.
โ™ฆ Methods for hard fruit run from 100 to 110 rpm.
โ™ฆ Keep anti-oxidant and new benefits.
โ™ฆ Quiet operation and easy to clean.
โ™ฆ High-quality PPA-free. ingredients and dishwasher-safe.
โ™ฆ Communication Function Function.
โ™ฆ Includes 2 small bottles.

5. IKICH Best Masticating Juicer for Celery, 2-Speed Slow Masticating Juicer Easy to Clean ๐Ÿ‘

IKICH Best Masticating Juicer for Celery, 2-Speed Slow Masticating Juicer Easy to Clean

[amazon fields=”B086VYTW98″ value=”button”]

IKICH masticating best juicers 2020 results in lower heat gain and oxidation. After the test, the fruit can be drunk with different hardness using different vegetables, resulting in higher juice production and a smoother taste.

Ikich 2-Speed Slow best affordable juicer 2020 allows you to comfortably handle different fruits and vegetables.

Ikich Gold Press Juicing technology actually squeezes fruits and vegetables whole and produces 90% more juice. “All separable parts (except juicing housing) can be safely washed with a dishwasher”. Also, the luggage under the tap water can be easily cleaned with a cleaning brush.

The juicer machine has no sharp blades, which ensures safe operation for the father. Noiseless than 60 decibels will not bother your family or your pet when making a glass of delicious juice in the morning.๐ŸŒ…


โ™ฆ 2 Masticating speed and reverse function.
โ™ฆ Higher juice yield and more nutritious.
โ™ฆ Easy and clean, Safe operation, and low numbers.
โ™ฆ Portal table and recipes included.

6. Aicook 2020 Newest Best Slow Masticating Juicer, Easy to Clean๐ŸŠ

Aicook 2020 Newest Best Slow Masticating Juicer, Easy to Clean

[amazon fields=”B088LNVHRF” value=”button”]

Aicook Best affordable juicer 2020 offers a unique warranty of 5, 365 days to all customers. Compared to a centrifugal juicer, the 7-level spiral wire and 80 ppm slow masticating and grinding, the fresh juice holds for 72 hours and protects against loss of minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients.

Maximum juice production, minimum oxidation, maximum nutrition for children and family.

Hard and soft 2 systems mainly for different fruits and vegetables. With less foam and covering, the juice separates the palms completely. Noise every morning, healthy breakfast for the whole family. Protected by a security system.

The rev button is used when pulp discharge is blocked or the motor is locked. Made with non-PPA material and safe for you.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ 90% nutrient protection and low oxidation.
โ™ฆ 2-speed control and high juicer production.
โ™ฆ Easy to assemble and clean.
โ™ฆ Improved safety system and quiet motor.
โ™ฆ PPA-free material and safe.
โ™ฆ 3-year warranty and quality guarantee.

7. Sagnart Best Vertical Masticating Juicer, Portable Vertical Cold Press Juicer with Reversal Function.๐Ÿ‡

Sagnart Best Vertical Masticating Juicer, Portable Vertical Cold Press Juicer with Reversal Function.

[amazon fields=”B07WVZRX5B” value=”button”]

Sagnart best juicers for beginners uses Triton’s food quality product approved by the US Food PB Administration PPA-free, which has excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance, making the juicer more durable and safer.

The best slow juicers (RP45 rpm/min) effectively maintains the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, reduces the production of many calories while reducing antioxidants, and effectively preserves vitamins, cellulose, calcium, magnesium, iron and other micronutrients.

You can clean it under running water without accidentally slipping; It is worth investing to buy a Masting Juicer Extract for a comfortable healthy family.

The cool press juicer operates without noise (โ‰ค60 dB) and is compact and easy to remove.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Voltage: 120V AC,60 Hz
โ™ฆ Full powerful DC motor: 200W.
โ™ฆ RPM: 45/min
โ™ฆ Low slow speed screw type
โ™ฆ Noise level above 60 dB, silence, and safety.
โ™ฆ Reverse work to avoid getting stuck.
โ™ฆ The higher the juice extraction rate, the more nutritious the juice will be, reducing oxidation.
โ™ฆ No forward and reverse running functions, closing, and easy cleaning.
โ™ฆ Security protection with Mac magnetic switch.
โ™ฆ Certifications: CE/GS/ROHS/ EMC/LFGB
โ™ฆ The whole machine is BPA free
Size Product size: 8.5×5.5×16.4in (NW.)
โ™ฆ IC Juicer Weight: 7.5 lbs.
โ™ฆ 1-year warranty service.

8. Picberm Best Slow Masticating Juicer for Beginners with Quiet Motor๐Ÿ‰

Picberm Best Slow Masticating Juicer for Beginners with Quiet Motor

[amazon fields=”B07WDMX1R2″ value=”button”]

The Picberm best budget masticating juicer rotates at about R0 rpm, which reduces heat and oxidation, maintaining the maximum amount of nutrients in your diet. The best slow juicer you can get fresh and healthy juice if you take less foam and pure taste.

7 Section spiral masticating system fully compresses fruits and vegetables for maximum juice production. Can extract all kinds of fibrous fruits and vegetables with soft/hard 2-speed.

The Best masticating juicers under $100 runs below 60 dB and you can enjoy a quiet breakfast and juice without disturbing your family and neighbors. All separable parts are made of high-quality food quality antioxidants.

Juicer preserves the tremendous nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. It is perfect for weight loss people, children, fathers, fathers. This product has a 3-year warranty.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ High and nutritious juices for fruits and vegetables.
โ™ฆ High and pure juice production.
โ™ฆ Low foam, minimal oxidation.
โ™ฆ The cooling port effectively removes motor heat.
โ™ฆ Quiet tranquility and longevity.
โ™ฆ Easy to install.
โ™ฆ Easy to clean.
โ™ฆ BPA-free food quality material.

9. CalmDo Slow Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer with Reverse Function๐Ÿ

CalmDo Slow Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer with Reverse Function

[amazon fields=”B08B5XV2QD” value=”button”]

CalmDo Best Masticating juicer  with low speed masticating ager technology gently squeezes from the food to preserve all the beneficial nutrients, prevent antioxidants and allow the dick to store up to 2 hours.

Calmdo Low-speed Juicer with enhanced precision mesh filter and enhanced spinning performance, separate juice, and pulp, with built-in heat resistant ceramic screws, you get more vitamins, minerals, and fewer fruits and vegetables.

CalmDo Slow Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer with Reverse Function

Calmdo cold press slow juicer with different speed controls can extract many vegetables and fruits.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ High juice production and riser nutrition.
โ™ฆ Safe, healthy and colorful porcelain agar.
โ™ฆ 70RPM reduces heat generation and oxidation at low speeds.
โ™ฆ 140W power saving motor self-adaptation with quiet operation.
โ™ฆ A button separator and dishwasher-safety.

10. Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor, Best Cold Press Juicer Under $100๐ŸŒ

Aobosi Slow Masticating juicer Extractor, Best Cold Press Juicer Under $100

[amazon fields=”B07R3S8CBJ” value=”button”]

Aobosi that can extract a variety of fruits and vegetables in a few minutes, especially greens, works well, allowing the juice to retain its pure color, natural flavor, vitamins, and nutrients. No dirty hands and dust. In a few seconds, you can drink a cup of juice with a little pulp and foam. Develop your life.

Slow masticating separates the juice and the whole pulp, extracting the purest extract and retaining the highest nutritional value. Our agar spins at 80 rpm, extracting 20% more juice and 30% more vitamins and minerals than other centrifugal juicers. 80 rpm low speed means that heat is generated and there is no low oxidation.

Drink the original flavor and absorb maximum nutrients from the ingredients. Motor-tech 0 decibels less than 1W0 W, small mouth design to prevent injury to your mouth and to ensure that the mouth and healthy juices are peeled off.

It has a safety lock design that makes it easy to assemble and assemble in minutes. Has a reverse function to prevent entrapment and helps with cleaning. All separable parts can be easily cleaned with a high-quality Triton food quality antioxidant (PPA free), bonus brush, or your dishwasher safely.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Fruit, vegetarian, greens are multipurpose.
โ™ฆ High juice production and riser nutrition.
โ™ฆ Safe and quiet operation.
โ™ฆ Quick and easy to clean.

The 10 Best centrifugal juicer Under $100 [Best of Top10]๐Ÿธ

1. KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Juice Extractor with Big Mouth 3โ€ Feed Chute๐Ÿฃ

KOIOS Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Juice Extractor with Big Mouth 3โ€ Feed Chute

[amazon fields=”B07YWPK8TS” value=”button”]

Koios best affordable juicer can get the very fresh and pure extract, nourishes every cell, and helps activate the waste system.

The Koios best Juicer is designed in part area with 1200W watt drive, pure copper motor is durable and stable enough that it will last over 10 years and at low noise. The 13-row bulge juicer and beautiful modern steel are evenly distributed on the point blade, making grinding a very smooth, precise step.

The 3′ inch feed dip allows you to pick whole apple juices, no need to chop, except for the chopping process, which is completely hands-free to save more time getting fresh juice.

The koios centrifugal juicer, “B”, works on high-speed rotation on hard fruit and vegetables, allowing the anti-closure to chew very quickly.

The KOIOS best budget centrifugal juicer adopts a simplified design based on the absolute guarantee of its good performance, making the machine easy to install, easy to disassemble, easy to clean, and equipped with a round head brush to ensure it gets 360 degrees of filtering. Without destroying the dead corner.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Pure Copper Motor with High Juice Wild, Extra 1200 Watt Power, and Superfine Filter Steel Juicer.
โ™ฆ 2 Gears+Bull mode “1” running at low speeds from 12000 to 15000rpm.
โ™ฆ XL FeedSat, Clean-UPS is a SNAP and European Engineer, with a high-quality warranty.
โ™ฆ Includes a 10-year warranty and the rest is a 3-year warranty.

2. Sagnart Juicer Machines Centrifugal Juice Extractor for Whole Fruit and Vegetables ๐ŸŒฐ

Sagnart Juicer Machines Centrifugal Juice Extractor for Whole Fruit and Vegetables

[amazon fields=”B07X8ZMCPX” value=”button”]

Sagnart centrifugal juicer extractor food quality material, 304 steel material, editing Anti sharp knife and precision filter, a supplement for your health.

Compared to other juicers, the extract may contain 25% and 37% vitamins and minerals.

The Sognart engine “high speed” (12,000-15,000 rpm) has two high speed racing modes. Do not add too many fruits and vegetables every time you use the juice extractor.

Easy to assemble, remove, operate, and clean; At the same time, the drop-proof design prevents juice leakage, making it easy to use 1500 ml. Fruit sludge collection cup and 450 ml. Easy brush for juice cup and easy brush.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Dual speed juicing mode and functional “jack” mode.
โ™ฆ Health, nutrition and safety care.
โ™ฆ Safety Locking Hand: This ensures that the safety is tight when operating, there is no need to worry about the use of safety and juice leaks.
โ™ฆ Design with drop function, no need to worry about pouring juice everywhere;
MM 65 mm (2.55 inches) wide mouth: whole fruits and vegetables can be added to the juice without cutting.
โ™ฆ Easy to assemble and disassemble and can clean all parts except the main part.

3. Makoloce Centrifugal best Juicer Machines,1200W Juicer Makers Ultra Fast ๐ŸŒฑ

Makoloce Centrifugal best Juicer Machines,1200W Juicer Makers Ultra Fast

[amazon fields=”B08B36CBYY” value=”button”]

Makoloce Best juicer for celery is equipped with an additional 1200 watt power and superfine filter and juice and pure copper motor with 36% more vitamins and minerals.

The 3-inch feed slope allows you to take whole apple juice, no need to cut, except for the cutting process, which is completely hands-free to save more time to get fresh juice.

A large capacity pulp collector (10,000 ml) and a pulp container (M00 ml) and a customized brush (included) are provided simultaneously to make cleaning easier and faster. BPA is designed with free content so you can feel safe to use.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Show more juice and charge extra.
โ™ฆ Mode 2 – “1” runs at low speeds of 12000 to 15000 rpm “2” runs at low speeds of 15000 to 18000 rpm.
โ™ฆ 3 year warranty and lifetime technical support.

4. AZEUS Best Centrifugal Juicer Machines, Juice Extractor ๐ŸŒณ

Centrifugal Juicer Under $100

[amazon fields=”B07Z1L2X7S” value=”button”]

The Azeus Best Inexpensive Centrifugal Juicers are High-Speed Juicer Fruit Juice Easy. Makes nutritious and nutritious fruit and vegetable juices quickly and easilyTitanium reinforced blades (163 chopping blades) and 2-layer micro-mesh filter baskets made in Germany are made of steel and are designed to extract optimal fruit juices and nutrients together.

The bottom of the juicer is fitted with non-slip rubber legs and allows you to use the juicer safely and firmly. Practical anti-drip prevents blockage after separation and works above.

In addition, the safety lock ensures that the cover is tight when the arm is removed. The best juicer will turn off when the overload protection system heats up. Simplified design based on the full assurance of its good performance.

The equipment is easy to assemble and easy to clean. In addition, the filter is equipped with a special brush to ensure that the angle of inclination is 0 degrees.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ 2 settings: 1 set for soft fruits and vegetables and 2 sets for hard product.
โ™ฆ Durable steel filter.
โ™ฆ Detachable, easy to clean. Hand washing and dishwasher safe.
โ™ฆ Locking mechanism
โ™ฆ 4 Non Slip Sucker Cup Legs Place your AZEUS Juicer on your countertop.
โ™ฆ 18000 RPM, maximum information, minimum effort.
โ™ฆ Size 9.8″x6.7″ x 11.8″
โ™ฆ Imported

5. Hilax Centrifugal Juicer Machine 2020 – Best Juice Maker Extractor ๐ŸŒธ

Hilax Centrifugal Juicer Machine 2020 - Best Juice Maker Extractor

[amazon fields=”B0832F79P3″ value=”button”]

The Hilax juicers is powerful 700W/18000rpm pure Cooper motors give you efficient and quiet operation. Smooth 700W Turbo Boosting Motor is available for smoothies, juice shakes, nutritional drinks, baby food, and a variety of blends. This multi-functional centrifugal juicer saves you money.

The two methods are mixed for different textures of food, retaining the most original taste. “1” gear for soft food, “2” gear for hard food, if you press “0” the engine will stop.

The juicer is equipped with a 700W/18000RPM motor and a multifunctional blade mesh filter, the 20-second fast juice is ideal for keeping the most original flavor and more than 80% of fruit and vegetarian juice. All removable parts are dishwasher safe.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Energy rating: 700W.
โ™ฆ Motor speed: 14000-18000rpm
โ™ฆ Voltage: 120V
โ™ฆ Frequency: 60Hz
โ™ฆ Juice container: 37.2 oz
โ™ฆ Pulp Collector: 67.6 oz
โ™ฆ Button style: LED light button
โ™ฆ Feed slope: 3 “wide mouth
โ™ฆ Material: Steel
โ™ฆ Color: Black

6. HERRCHEF Juice Extractor 600W with 3” Wide Mouth, Best heavy-duty juicer ๐ŸŒฝ

HERRCHEF Juice Extractor 600W with 3'' Wide Mouth, Best heavy-duty juicer

[amazon fields=”B0861CN6BK” value=”button”]

Herrchef best centrifugal juicer machines are anti-rust feed grade 304 steel sharp knives and precision filters, efficiently extracting low-viscosity and low-foam, vitamins and minerals to extract high juices, quickly producing a cup of odorless juice in seconds.

Best juice extractor with safety lock design does not rotate before assembly. If the temperature is above 105 degrees the high load protection system will turn off the motor. The 3-inch-wide mouth feed cit allows for more fruits and vegetables. Anti-drip design prevents juice leakage.

Juicer noise less than 60 dB and it does not affect family lifelike baby sleep. Juicer Machine Fragrance ABS Plastic, compact and simple design can not be used, easy to assemble and disassemble, custom cleaning brush, easy to clean.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Effectively pure juice
โ™ฆ Dual Speed Variety Juicer Extract
โ™ฆ Security design and extra security
โ™ฆ Easy to clean, assemble and assemble
โ™ฆ 2 year warranty.

7. FaayFian Centrifugal Best juicer for health, Compact Juice Extractor ๐Ÿ€

FaayFian Centrifugal Best juicer for health, Compact Juice Extractor

[amazon fields=”B08F4SCD3W” value=”button”]

Faayfian Centrifugal Juicer with Max Power 600W Motor, Food Quality Steel Sharp Blade and Precision Filter Net with 0.4mm Diameter, Quickly Create 10 Drops Healthy Pure Juice and Effectively Get Vitamins and Minerals. High juice production and slightly pulpy foam.

Professional high-end juicer maker, excellent workmanship, strictly controls details and quality. Brushed steel panel. Tightly fitted components ensure leakage.

The juice maker will not spin before the service hook is assembled and locked. Laser ship switch, dual insurance. The high load protection system shuts off the motor when overheated. Heat dissipation system with bottom exhaust hole and 4 non-slip rubber legs.

The top list juicer machine on the kitchen countertop is a small, compact and simple design, saves space. Easy to clean with a custom cleaning brush.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Quick juice in 10 seconds
โ™ฆ The more juice, the less waste
โ™ฆ Double speed for soft/hard foods
โ™ฆ Powerful motor maximum 600 W.
โ™ฆ Countertop space-saving volume
โ™ฆ Easy to clean with a brush
โ™ฆ Security design and materials, extra security
โ™ฆ 2 years of worry-free warranty.

8. SOMOYA Juice Extractor Centrifugal Juicer Easy Clean 2020, 700 Watt Motors ๐Ÿƒ

SOMOYA Juice Extractor Centrifugal Juicer Easy Clean 2020, 700 Watt Motors

[amazon fields=”B07RS2WGH3″ value=”button”]

The Somoya best budget juicer is a powerful and fast 700 watts two-speed motor juicer that can work for more than half an hour without cold time, juicer engine produces you fresh and tasty juice in seconds.

The Budget Under $100 extraction is easy to guide, easy to assemble and easy to clean after use. The orange juicer has a safety locking arm and high load protection.

Drink plenty of fresh fruit juices from fruits and vegetables using this efficient centrifugal juicer to extract 20% more juice and 0% more vitamins and minerals.

Finehole Filters and Cutting Discs 3.4 are made of stainless steel material, hard and durable, odorless residue, all mechanical parts of the juice extract and all connections are made of high quality food quality anti-oxidant materials.

This premium juicer is perfect for juicing all kinds of fruits and vegetables like apples, lemons, oranges, carrots, tomatoes, grapes, papayas, blueberries, strawberries.

SOMOYA Juice Extractor Centrifugal Juicer Easy Clean 2020, 700 Watt Motors

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Powerful and fast 700 watt two speed motor.
โ™ฆ Easy to freeze and very easy to clean.
โ™ฆ Safety locking arm and overload protection.
โ™ฆ Made of high quality food quality antioxidant.

9. Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth 3โ€ Feed Chute, Best juicers for everyday use ๐ŸŒป

Hamilton Beach Juicer Machine, Big Mouth 3โ€ Feed Chute, Best juicers for everyday use

[amazon fields=”B00E0IBKLQ” value=”button”]

Hamilton Beach best centrifugal juicer products are thoughtfully designed to make your life easier.

The stainless-steel micro-mesh cutter/strainer can turn a dense beet into soft juice in seconds. Secure the latch juicer lid. Cooking tips and fruit juice tips are included to get you started.

Food driven, juicer cover, stainless steel strainer, pulp tank and strainer bowl are all removable, dishwasher safe and PPA free. An easy cleaning brush is also included.

Looking for a great juice drink that is 10 times better, safer, and tastier than store-bought fruit juices? Take a large mouthful of juice from Hamilton Beach. It compiles all the punches expected from a Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor: Reliable Performance, High Speed and Noise Cleaning.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Large oral nutrition is suitable for whole meals
โ™ฆ Easy to store together – just insert the filter and lock a latch on the lids. No special tools required.
โ™ฆ The powerful 800 watt motor produces fresh, tasty juice in seconds.
โ™ฆ Dishwasher safe area
โ™ฆ Cooking and cleaning brush included.
โ™ฆ The extra large pulp gives you more juice – use pulp recipes or compost.

10. L’Equip Centrifugal Best heavy-duty juicer with Extra Wide Feeder Mouth, 800-Watt Motors ๐ŸŒฟ

L'Equip Centrifugal Best heavy-duty juicer with Extra Wide Feeder Mouth, 800-Watt Motors

[amazon fields=”B002TNQFI2″ value=”button”]

The Lequip Best Affordable Juicer to Buy Under $100 features an extra 3 “feeding tube to absorb whole fruit and vegetable juices. The patented automatic pulp extraction system allows for continuous juicing. Stainless steel knives and ultra-fine strainer baskets leave what you like in your cups and what you put in the coop to use your cobweb compost.

The stainless juicing bowl is durable, easy to clean and you firmly believe that you will only get high quality juice. LEquip XL is an industry that offers a three-year warranty on plate baskets and a ten-year warranty on other parts.

LEquip is committed to creating high quality, highly friendly health-friendly devices that not only perform better but also have a unique design. The Best juicer XL is fast, clean, easy to use and fills any kitchen.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Powerful 2/3 horsepower, 480 watts universal motor for high-efficiency juice extraction.
โ™ฆ The extra-large 3 โ€feeding tube facilitates the extraction of the juice by removing most of the required products.
โ™ฆ The patented, automatic pulp-discharge system with a large pulp container allows for continuous juicing without clogging.
โ™ฆ The safety latch ensures safe operation during a system setting and juicing.
โ™ฆ 3-year warranty for industrial blade baskets and 10 years lead for parts.

The 5 Best Citrus Juicer Under $100 [Newest 2020] โ›…

1. AICOK Orange Best Electric Citrus Juicer 2020 with Humanized Handle ๐ŸŽ

AICOK Orange Best Electric Citrus Juicer 2020 with Humanized Handle

[amazon fields=”B079337TRJ” value=”button”]

The Aicok best manual citrus juicer is easy to hold rubber handle, electric citrus juicer with powerful transparent arms. Place in a half orange cone and squeeze the fresh juice easily with light pressure. You can crush the fruit by hand, both of these methods are simple and practical.

The citrus juicer is fitted with a Super 160W motor, which makes it easy to extract the juice. A simple pressure on the cone can start production. There is little noise during the operation.

Located under the juice store filter. Squeeze the juice gently after using the juicer. This guarantees maximum cleanliness in the kitchen and dining table, controlling damage during information processing.

The outer shell of the juicer is made of stainless steel and is resistant to rust and corrosion. There are no-slip legs to ensure product stability during work. For small and large citrus fruits turn 2 cones of different sizes and change direction automatically.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ 160w
โ™ฆ Powerful pick-up speed
โ™ฆ Anti-slip rubber feet
โ™ฆ Two cones
โ™ฆ Lemons, oranges, grapes
โ™ฆ Easily removable and dishwasher safe components
โ™ฆ Easily extract fresh and tasty fruit juices.
โ™ฆ This secret is extremely easy on his clear hand.
โ™ฆ This modern and practical design not only saves your efforts, but also avoids wasting a drop of juice.

2. Chuzy Chef Electric Citrus Juicer Amazon Fruit Machines ๐Ÿ‚

Chuzy Chef Electric Citrus Juicer Amazon  Fruit Machines

[amazon fields=”B07MV9L231″ value=”button”]

Grape, Lemon, Orange, Pomegranate, Banana, Berry or Curdas Juice Squeeze the Chuzy Chef Best citrus juicer of little juices and express the juice in magazines or many cups. Simply pressing the rubber handle does not press the hand. The correct size is MMV700.

Ultimate Deluxe Professional Scissors Commercial Electric Automatic Citrus Juicing Electric Pressure Scissors Fits all parts within itself for easy storage, but can be quickly picked up for easy cleaning.

The chuzy extractor citrus juicer uses a powerful 160-watt electric motor. Go home today.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Easy class and no seed/pulp.
โ™ฆ Premium features from the best seller.
โ™ฆ Powerful motor, all in one.

3. CO-Z Commercial Grade Citrus Best Heavy-Duty Juicer,Professional Hand Press Manual Fruit Juicer ๐ŸŒบ

CO-Z Commercial Grade Citrus Best Heavy-Duty Juicer,Professional Hand Press Manual Fruit Juicer

[amazon fields=”B01MRNL7WI” value=”button”]

Enjoy fresh-squeezed juices every morning with this heavy-duty cast iron best manual citrus juicer. It works well for oranges, lemons, limes, grapes and other citrus fruits.

Solid cast iron construction with durable 304 steel strain ensures 100% safety and cleanliness. This professional quality juicer is suitable for restaurants and home use.

This commercial juice press is easy to use: place your fruit on the device (cut the large fruit in half) and press the handle to the fresh-squeezed juice. Both the cone and the funnel are separable and the dishwasher is safe, so the air is clean.

The Citrus Budget Under $100 magazine has a beautiful design in 4 color options, it looks beautiful in any kitchen decor and the unique small design makes it very convenient to place this juicer in the cabinet.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Cast iron/stainless steel
โ™ฆ Extended to provide additional benefits and withstand strength of 2,300psi.
โ™ฆ Easy operation, clean and minimal design.
โ™ฆ 4 color options and non-slip ABS handle.

4. IMUSA USA J100-00110 Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer with Multi Function ๐Ÿ™

IMUSA USA J100-00110 Heavy Duty Citrus Juicer with Multi Function

[amazon fields=”B078Z13XKF” value=”button”]

IMUSA J100-00110 Citrus Juicer Amazon with three steel adjustable blades will shorten your preparation time in the kitchen.

Easy to remove and attach patches allows you to drink fresh juices, slices and core apples, solid potatoes and diced onions and other fruits and vegetables quickly and safely!

Provides strong template and non-slip rubber foot stability when squeezing your favorite material.

Try making fresh orange juice, apple pie, french fries and your favorite salsa.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Made of Heavy Duty Cast Iron Stainless Steel Adapters (Juicer, Coolie, Slicer)
โ™ฆ The bonded handle facilitates pressing when separating seeds and pulp or when cutting or slicing.
โ™ฆ The best electric citrus juicer 2020 has a strong base with rubber suction legs for extra protection (the juicer comes with extra rubber suction feet).
โ™ฆ The attached adapters are easy to replace and the base is ideal for placing a tray or cup underneath while saving you time on the go.
โ™ฆ Suitable for orange juice, lemonade, cocktails, marinades, sevach, apple milk pie, french fries, salsa and any other fruit or vegetable.

5. Eurolux ELCJ-1700 Electric Best Manual Citrus Juicer Machine ๐Ÿก

Eurolux ELCJ-1700 Electric Best Manual Citrus Juicer Machine

[amazon fields=”B06XNWT56H” value=”button”]

Keep the juice, pour the freshly squeezed juice into your glass,
Easy to operate, insert and press the handle and the fresh juice will be ready for you.

Easy to use accessories for ease of use, Once you are done and the Eurolux ELCJ-1700 best citrus juicer is ready to clean, you can easily disassemble it for your convenience when cleaning. The suction cup prevents it from hitting the table surface and ensures a secure base structure.

You should drink citrus juices like orange and lemon which are essential for your daily glass of vitamins.

Why not go to the market and make citrus juice yourself at home and serve the fresh fruit juices you enjoy daily without pasteurization with all the features, simply and easily – fresh juice is served directly in your glass.

โ™จ Highlighted Features:

โ™ฆ Powerful 160 watt motor – for the most part.
โ™ฆ Auto one-touch function.
โ™ฆ Steel filter to remove pit.
โ™ฆ Steel locking pin.
โ™ฆ Universal rim.
โ™ฆ Automatic spiral fruit juicer.
โ™ฆ Press the rubber handle and press easily with a soft grip.

How To Choose The Best Juicer Under 100 [Guide] ๐ŸŽ“

How To Choose The Best Juicer Under 100 [Guide]
How To Choose The Best Juicer Under 100 [Guide]

How much time do you want to spend “Best Affordable Juicers Under $100”?

Fruit juice is really time-consuming, something that most people did not know or think about before buying juicers.

They produce juice faster than masticating and hydraulic press juicers and help save you time.

If you have more time and you want to get high-quality juice, Masticating and Hydraulic Press Juices are right for you.

๐Ÿ‘” What kind of quality juice can you get from your taste buds?

The last thing you need to look at before buying a juicer is what quality juice you want. The type of juice you can get depends on the type of GOOD juicers 2020 you use.

Centrifugal juicers do not produce the best quality fruit juices. When you take the juice, their fast-rotating blades create heat and friction and thereby heat and destroy the body of the beneficial organism.

Oxidation usually results in a slight metallic taste in the extracts and sometimes foam coming out. Since the juice obtained from the centrifugal juicer is oxidized, we recommend consuming it immediately.

Masticating juicers produce the best quality juices. Their slow spinning blades do not damage your juices by heat and help reduce the chances of oxidation in your juices.

This means you will have refreshing and sweet-tasting juices, and you can store the juices for a long time.

๐Ÿธ Less expensive than a large juicer

For most people, buying a juicer is honestly threatening. When most people think about getting a juicer, they immediately accept a juicer, a centrifugal juicer and even a huge investment. Not so.

You can find a decent juicer under 100, especially if you are free to use a centrifugal juicer. This makes it much easier for you to stay healthy even if you are on your budget.

๐Ÿ”ฐ Perfect for one person

Large centrifugal juicers are expected to bring a wide variety of fruit juices over large areas. If you live on your own and you donโ€™t have a very big mouth, you donโ€™t need a monster juicer.

That’s why juicers for less than 100 are suitable for people who live alone, as they are generally smaller than more expensive juicers, and juicers are better suited for smaller areas.

๐Ÿป Ability to extract juice

Of course, of the products you buy, you want to buy the model that generates the most interest. If it is inefficient, you will get a lot of smoke.

The only way to get more interested in getting the most efficient unit is to buy more products that no one wants to use. Shopping with good value means you can not spend more than you save for a long time.

How easy to clean๐Ÿšฐ

The most time consuming part of your day when you make your juice is cleaning the machine. You have already cleared up that mess by taking the time to prepare that fan by taking vegetarian and fruit juices. Therefore, adding extra time to juicy cleaning can be an additional hassle.

Thatโ€™s why a lot of fans have been developed to reduce stress by adding a cleaning brush, which makes the machine much easier to clean. Others have dishwasher safe areas, which make the cleaning process much easier for you.
Some QNA of the Best Juicers for Beginners Under 100

๐Ÿ’ญ Some QNA of the Best Juicers for Beginners Under $100

๐Ÿ…พ Q: This is described as a “masticating juicer extractor, cold press juicer.” masticating and cold-press are different, aren’t they? which is this?

โ˜‘ A: Cold press simply means the absence of heat to extract the juice.

The masticating juicer uses pressure to extract the juice so therefore no nutrients are supposed to be lost. Hope this helps. Google can better explain the different process.

๐Ÿ…พ Q: How long will my juice last in the fridge?
โ˜‘ A: It seems itโ€™s better to drink it the freshest possible, specially for the vitamins

๐Ÿ…พ Q: Is the juicer powerful? And quiet?
โ˜‘ A: Yes, unit very quiet & powerful. No complaints. Works really well!

๐Ÿ…พ Q: Does this juicer extract soft berries?
โ˜‘ A: I bought it specifically to juice celery and it worked great.

๐Ÿ…พ Q: Where can I buy accessories for this juicer
โ˜‘ A: They came with the juicer !!

๐Ÿ…พ Q: How long will it juice before getting too hot?
โ˜‘ A: We juiced for not more than 15mins. And it didn’t become hot in that time.

๐Ÿ…พ Q: is it really good?
โ˜‘ A: I really like it.

๐Ÿ…พ Q: does grapefruit fit
โ˜‘ A: Yes, this juicer will work great for oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits, etc.

๐Ÿ…พ Q: Does this juicer also do lemons and limes? Thank you.
โ˜‘ A: Sure, it also works for lemons and limes.

๐Ÿถ What juice should you get?

There are several things to keep in mind when buying a juicers MACHINE Amazon. There are two things to keep in mind when shopping. How much time do you have in the first place? Some models run fast but are slow to clean, some are slow to work but surprisingly clean.

Conclusion ๐ŸŽฉ

Below are the brands on the market, all of which are the 25 Affordable Juicer to Buy Under $100 we recommend for their price. They are efficient, reliable, durable, easy to use, easy to maintain, and most importantly affordable and compact juicers.

We “guarantee that any of these juicers will last you for the next few years, and we say again that they are the Best Affordable Juicers under $100 on the market“.

We hope you “enjoy using any of the juicers you want to buy”, and check out some great betting recipes. Stay healthy and happy. ๐ŸŒ™

Thanks for taking your time with ๐Ÿ‘‘Staciwoo.

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    ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ืืฉื“ื•ื“ ืœืื ืฉื™ื ืžืกื•ืจืชื™ื™ื – ื”ืื ืืคืฉืจื™?
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    ืืžื ื ื™ืฉื ื ืขื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื ื‘ืืฉื“ื•ื“!
    ืขื ื–ืืช, ื™ืฉื ื ืขื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื ื‘ืืฉื“ื•ื“!
    ืœื™ื”ื•ื“ื™ื ืจื‘ื™ื ื™ืฉ ืคื ื˜ื–ื™ื” ืœืฉื›ื‘ ืขื ื‘ื—ื•ืจื” ืขืจื‘ื™ื™ื”, ื•ืื™ืŸ ืกื™ื›ื•ื™ ื‘ื“ืจืš ื›ืœืœ ืฉื”ื ื™ืฆืœื™ื—ื• ืœื”ื’ืฉื™ื ืืช ื–ื” ื‘ื‘ื™ืœื•ื™
    ืจื’ื™ืœ ื‘ืžื•ืขื“ื•ืŸ ื‘ื—ื™ืคื”. ื‘ื—ื•ืจื” ืื™ื ื“ื™ืื ื™ืช ืคืฆืฆื” ืื™ื›ื•ืชื™ืช ืžื”ืžืžืช ืœืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื”ื›ื™ ืœื•ื”ื˜
    ื•ืžืคื ืง! ืžืฉื•ื ืฉืžื“ื•ื‘ืจ ื‘ื—ื•ื•ื™ื” ื‘ืจื™ืื”, ื™ืฉ ืœื”ืฉืชื“ืœ ืœื ืœื”ื™ื•ืช
    ื‘ืžืชื— ื•ืืคื™ืœื• ืœืชื›ื ืŸ ืืช ื”ื›ื•ืœ ื›ืš ืฉืชื•ื›ืœื•
    ืœื”ื’ื™ืข ื’ื ืœืคื ื™ ื”ื–ืžืŸ ืœืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง ื‘ืจืืฉ ื”ืขื™ืŸ , ืื
    ืžื“ื•ื‘ืจ ื‘ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื”ืžืชื‘ืฆืข ื‘ืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื” ื‘ืจืืฉ ื”ืขื™ืŸ ืฉืœ
    ื”ืžืขืกื”. ืžืฉื•ื ืฉืžื“ื•ื‘ืจ ื‘ื—ื•ื•ื™ื” ื‘ืจื™ืื”, ื™ืฉ ืœื”ืฉืชื“ืœ ืœื ืœื”ื™ื•ืช ื‘ืžืชื— ื•ืืคื™ืœื•
    ืœืชื›ื ืŸ ืืช ื”ื›ื•ืœ ื›ืš ืฉืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœื”ื’ื™ืข
    ื’ื ืœืคื ื™ ื”ื–ืžืŸ ืœืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง ื‘ืืฉื“ื•ื“/ืืฉืงืœื•ืŸ ,
    ืื ืžื“ื•ื‘ืจ ื‘ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื”ืžืชื‘ืฆืข ื‘ืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื” ื‘ืืฉื“ื•ื“/ืืฉืงืœื•ืŸ ืฉืœ ื”ืžืขืกื”.
    ื”ืžื•ืฆืขื™ื ืœื›ื – ืžื”ืฉื‘ื“ื™, ื“ืจืš ื”ืฉื™ืืฆื• ื•ืขื“ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ืืฉื“ื•ื“ ื”ืจืงืžื•ืช, ืืš ื’ื ืœืื—ืจ ืฉื‘ื—ืจืชื ืืช ืกื•ื’ ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™, ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœื”ื ื—ื•ืช ืืช
    ื”ืžืขืกื” ื‘ืืฉืจ ืœืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื”ืžืชืื™ื ืœื›ื ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ.
    ื‘ื ื™ื’ื•ื“ ืœืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื”ืืจื•ื˜ื™, ืฉื”ื•ื
    ื‘ืขื™ืงืจ ืขืœ ื™ื“ื™ ื’ื‘ืจื™ื ืฉื•ื ื™ื, ื•ื”ื•ื ืžืกื•ืคืง ื‘ืžืกื’ืจืช
    ื”ืฉื™ืจื•ืชื™ื ื”ืžืคื•ืงืคืงื™ื,ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื˜ื ื˜ืจื™ ื ื•ืขื“ ื’ื ืขื‘ื•ืจ
    ื ืฉื™ื ื•ื–ื•ื’ื•ืช ื™ื—ื“ ื›ื—ืœืง ื‘ืขื•ืœื ื”ื˜ื ื˜ืจื”, ืฉื‘ื• ื ื”ื•ื’ ืœื”ืขื‘ื™ืจ ืืช ื”ืžืงื‘ืœ ืชื—ื•ืฉื” ืฉืœ ืชืฉื•ืงื” ื•ืจื’ืฉ ื‘ืžื”ืœืš ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืขืฆืžื• .
    ื™ื—ื“ ืขื ื–ืืช, ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœืžืฆื•ื ืžืจื›ื–ื™ ืกืคื ืžื•ืฉืœืžื™ื ื‘ืœื‘ ืขืจื™ื ื’ื“ื•ืœื•ืช ื•ืชื•ืกืกื•ืช ื›ืžื• ืœืžืฉืœ, ื‘ืจืืฉ ื”ืขื™ืŸ –
    ื”ืžื›ื•ื ื” ื’ื “ืขื™ืจ ืœืœื ื”ืคืกืงื””.

  2. ืื ื‘ื ืœื›ื ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืื™ืจื•ื˜ื™ ืžื˜ืจื™ืฃ ื—ื•ืฉื™ื ื”ื’ืขืชื ืœืžืงื•ื ื”ื ื›ื•ืŸ.
    ื”ื’ืขืช ืœืžืงื•ื ื”ื ื›ื•ืŸ! ื‘ืขืœื™ืช ื™ืฉืจืืœ ืืกืงื•ืจื˜ ืืชื”
    ืชืžืฆื ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ืจื—ื‘ ืฉืœ ื ืขืจื•ืช ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ื‘ืื™ืœืช ื•ื”ื“ืจื•ื ืœื”ื–ืžื ื” ืœื‘ื™ืชืš ืื•
    ืœืžืœื•ืŸ ื›ื ืก ืขื›ืฉื™ื• . ืื ืืชื ืื•ื”ื‘ื™ื ื ืฉื™ื
    ื‘ื”ื™ืจื•ืช ืื• ื›ื”ื•ืช, ืฆืขื™ืจื•ืช ืื• ืžื‘ื•ื’ืจื•ืช, ื›ืœ ืžื” ืฉืชืฆื˜ืจื›ื• ืœืขืฉื•ืช ื–ื” ืœื‘ื—ื•ืจ ืžื‘ื™ืŸ ื”ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ืืช ืžื™ ืฉื”ื›ื™ ืžื•ืฆืืช ื—ืŸ ื‘ืขื™ื ื™ื›ื.
    ื‘ืงืจื• ื‘ืคื•ืจื˜ืœ, ืžืฆืื• ืืช ื”ืžื•ื“ืขื” ืฉื”ื›ื™ ืงื•ืจืฆืช ืœื›ื ื•ืฆืคื• ืœื”ืคืชืขื” ืžืชื•ืงื” ื•ืœื•ื”ื˜ืช!
    ืฆื•ื•ืช ืกืงืก ืื“ื™ืจ ืžืจื›ื– ืขื‘ื•ืจื›ื ืืช ื›ืœ ื ืขืจื•ืช ื”ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ื‘ื“ืจื•ื.
    ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ื”ืงื˜ื’ื•ืจื™ื•ืช ื ื•ืขื“ ืœืฉืคืจ ืขื‘ื•ืจื›ื ืืช ื—ื•ื•ื™ืช ื”ื’ืœื™ืฉื” ื‘ืคื•ืจื˜ืœ ื•ื‘ืžืงื‘ื™ืœ ืœืขื–ื•ืจ ืœื›ื ืœืžืฆื•ื ืืช ื”ืฉื™ืจื•ืช ื”ืžื‘ื•ืงืฉ, ื‘ืžื”ื™ืจื•ืช ื•ื‘ืงืœื•ืช.
    ืžื˜ืคืœื™ื ืฉืœื ื• ืžื’ื™ืขื™ื ืขื“ ืืœื™ื›ื ืœื›ืœ ืžืงื•ื ื‘ื™ืจื•ืฉืœื™ื ื›ื“ื™ ืœืชืช ืืช
    ื”ืฉื™ืจื•ืช ื˜ื•ื‘ ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ. ื‘ืžื™ื“ื” ื•ืื™ืŸ ื‘ื™ื›ื•ืœืชืš ืœื”ื ื•ืช ืžื”ื—ื•ื•ื™ื”
    ื‘ื‘ื™ืชืš ืืชื” ื™ื•ืชืจ ืžืžื•ื–ืžืŸ ืœืขื™ื™ืŸ
    ื‘ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื”ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ืฉืœื ื• ื‘ืืชืจ ืฉื ืชื•ื›ืœ ืœื’ืœื•ืช ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ืžืคื•ื–ืจื•ืช ื‘ื›ืœ ืจื—ื‘ื™ ื”ืืจืฅ – ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ืชืœ
    ืื‘ื™ื‘, ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ืฆืคื•ืŸ,
    ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ื—ื™ืคื”, ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ื™ืจื•ืฉืœื™ื ื•ืขื•ื“โ€ฆ ื•ืืœ ื“ืื’ื”, ื‘ืžื™ื“ื” ื•ืืชื
    ืžืงื‘ืœื™ื ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื™ืจื•ืฉืœื™ื ื‘ื‘ื™ืช,
    ื”ืžืขืกื” ื™ื‘ื™ื ืื™ืชื• ืขื“ ืืœื™ื›ื
    ืืช ื›ืœ ืกื•ื’ื™ ื”ืฉืžื ื™ื ืขืœ ืžื ืช ืฉืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœื‘ื—ื•ืจ ืืช ื–ื” ื”ื—ื‘ื™ื‘ ืขืœื™ื›ื.
    ื‘ืžื™ื“ื” ื•ื”ื’ืขืช ืœืคื’ื™ืฉืช ืขืกืงื™ื ื—ืฉื•ื‘ื” ืชื•ื›ืœ ืœืฉื›ื•ืจ ืืช ืฉื™ืจื•ืชื™ื”
    ืฉืœ ืื—ืช ืžื ืขืจื•ืช ื”ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ื‘ืื™ืœืช ืœืคื’ื™ืฉื” ืฉืœืžื” ืื•
    ืœื™ื•ื ืขืกืงื™ื ืฉืœื ื›ืœ ืžื” ืฉืฆืจื™ืš ืœืขืฉื•ืช ื–ื” ืœื“ื‘ืจ ืขื ืกื•ื›ื ื•ืช ื”ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ื”ืžื™ื™ืฆื’ืช ืืช ืื•ืชื” ืžืขืกื” ืžื•ืžื—ื” ืื• ืœื“ื‘ืจ ืขื ืื•ืชื” ื ืขืจืช ืœื™ื•ื•ื™
    ื™ืฉื™ืจื•ืช ื‘ืžื™ื“ื” ื•ื”ื™ื ืขืฆืžืื™ืช.

  3. ืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื•ืช ื‘ื•ื˜ื™ืง ืžืžืฉ ืขืœ ื”ื™ื
    ! ืื ื• ืžืžืœื™ืฆื™ื ืœืš ืœืจื›ื•ืฉ ืขื’ืœื” ืื• ืชื™ืง ืขืœ ื’ืœื’ืœื™ื.
    ืื ื• ืžืžืœื™ืฆื™ื ืœื›ื ืœื‘ื“ื•ืง ืืช
    ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ื”ื˜ื™ืคื•ืœื™ื ืฉื‘ืืชืจ ื”ื›ื•ืœืœื™ื ืืช ื›ืœ ืกื•ื’ื™ ื”ื˜ื™ืคื•ืœื™ื ื”ืžืงืฆื•ืขื™ื™ื ื•ื›ืŸ ืจืคื•ืื” ืžืฉืœื™ืžื”.

    ื›ืœ ืื—ื“ ื™ื•ื›ืœ ืœื”ื ื•ืช ื‘ื“ืจืš ืฉืœื• ืฉืขื•ืฉื”
    ืœื• ื˜ื•ื‘. ืžื—ืคืฉื™ื ืœืงื‘ืœ ืžืกืื–’ ื˜ื•ื‘ ื‘
    ื”ืจืฆืœื™ื”? ืžืกืื–’ ืขื“ ื”ื‘ื™ืช ื‘ืงืœื™ืง ื”ื–ืžืŸ ืขื›ืฉื™ื• 6 ื™ืžื™ื ื‘ืฉื‘ื•ืข ื”ื–ืžืŸ ื‘ื”ืชืจืื” ืฉืœ
    ืฉืขืชื™ื™ื ื•ืžืขืœื” ืชืžื—ื•ืจ ืคืฉื•ื˜ – ื”ื›ืœ
    ื›ืœื•ืœ ื‘ืžื—ื™ืจ ยท ืžืกืื–’ ืžื—ืจืžืŸ ื•ืžืขื ื’ ืฉื™ื•ื“ืข ื‘ื“ื™ื•ืง ื”ื™ื›ืŸ ืœืขื‘ื•ืจ ื•ืœืื™ืคื” ืœื”ื’ื™ืข ื‘ืฉื‘ื™ืœ ืœื™ืฆื•ืจ
    ืœื›ื ืืช ื”ื—ื•ื•ื™ื” ื”ืžื•ืฉืœืžืช. ืžื—ืคืฉื™ื ืœืฉืคืจ
    ืืช ืžืฆื‘ ื”ืจื•ื— ื•ืืช ื”ืชื—ื•ืฉื” ื”ื›ืœืœื™ืช?
    ื”ืžืงื•ื ืžืฆื™ืข ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ื—ื‘ื™ืœื•ืช ืขืœ ืžื ืช ืœื”ืชืื™ื ืœื›ืœ ืžืฆื‘ ื•ืฆื•ืจืš.
    ื”ืžืงื•ื ืžืฆื™ืข ืœืžืขืฉื” ืœื”ืขืžื™ื“ ืืช ื›ืœ ืฉื™ืจื•ืชื™ ื”ืžืจืคืื” ืœื˜ื•ื‘ืช
    ื”ืจื•ืคื ื”ืฉื•ื›ืจ, ื•ื‘ื›ืš ืœื”ืขื ื™ืง ืœื• ืืช ื”ื—ื•ื•ื™ื” ื”ื—ื™ื•ื‘ื™ืช ื•ื”ื ืขื™ืžื” ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ.
    ื‘ืฆื•ืจื” ื›ื–ื•, ืืœืคื™ ื’ื•ืœืฉื™ื ืฉื•ื ื™ื ื ื—ืฉืคื™ื ืœืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื” ื•ื‘ื›ืš ืžืขืœื™ื ืืช
    ื”ืกื™ื›ื•ื™ ืœืœืงื•ื—ื•ืช ื—ื“ืฉื™ื. ืื ื”ื’ืขืชื ื™ืฉืจ ืœืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื” ื‘ืืฉื“ื•ื“/ืืฉืงืœื•ืŸ ืืฉืจ ื‘ื” ื”ื–ืžื ืชื ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง ื‘ืชืœ ืื‘ื™ื‘ ื™ืฉืจ ืžื”ืขื‘ื•ื“ื”, ืชื”ื™ื” ืœื›ื ืืคืฉืจื•ืช ืœื”ืชืงืœื—
    ื‘ืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื” ื‘ืืฉื“ื•ื“/ืืฉืงืœื•ืŸ ื•ืœื”ืชื—ื™ืœ ืขื ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง ื‘ืืฉื“ื•ื“/ืืฉืงืœื•ืŸ ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœื‘ื—ื•ืจ ืื™ื–ื”
    ืื• ื’ื‘ืจ ืฉื™ื‘ืฆืขื• ืขื‘ื•ืจื›ื ืืช ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™. ืื™ืš ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื”ื‘ื ืฉืชืขืฉื•
    ื™ืชืจื•ื ืœื”ืจื–ื™ื”? ื‘ืžืืžืจ ื”ื‘ื ื ืกืงื•ืจ ืฉืœื•ืฉื” ื™ืชืจื•ื ื•ืช ืฉื™ื›ื•ืœื™ื ืœื”ืคื•ืš ืขื™ืกื•ื™ื ื‘ื›ืœืœ ื•ืขื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื ืžืžื•ืงื“ื™ื
    ื‘ืคืจื˜ (ื›ื’ื•ืŸ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื ืœื ืฉื™ื ื‘ื”ืจื™ื•ืŸ ืื• ืขื™ืกื•ื™
    ืจืงืžื•ืช ืขืžื•ืง) ืœืขื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื ืื˜ืจืงื˜ื™ื‘ื™ื™ื
    ืขื ืชื•ืฆืื•ืช ืœื˜ื•ื•ื— ื”ืืจื•ืš ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ.

  4. ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืœื’ื‘ืจ ืžื’ื‘ืจ – massage men to men in Tel Aviv – ืขื™ืกื•ื™
    ืœื’ื‘ืจ ืžื’ื‘ืจ ืœืฉื—ืจื•ืจ ื”ื’ื•ืฃ ื•ื”ื ืฉืžื” ื‘ืื•ื•ื™ืจื” ื ืขื™ืžื” ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื›ื•ืœ ื”ื’ื•ืฃ ืžืชืžื—ื” ื•ืžื‘ืฆืข
    ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืขื“ื™ืŸ ื‘ืฉื™ืœื•ื‘ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืชืื™ืœื ื“ื™ ื•ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื˜ื ื˜ืจื” ืžืฉื•ืœื‘ ื‘ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืฉื•ื•ื“ื™ โ€ฆ 50 ื“ืงื•ืช ืฉืœ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืฉื•ื•ื“ื™ ื•ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืกืคื•ืจื˜ื™ื‘ื™
    ืžืคื ืง! ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง ื‘ืจืืฉ ื”ืขื™ืŸ ื”ืžืชื‘ืฆืข ื‘ื‘ื™ืช ื”ืคืจื˜ื™ ืฉืœื›ื ืžื’ืœื ื‘ืชื•ื›ื• ืฉืœืœ ื™ืชืจื•ื ื•ืช.
    ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื”ืคืจื˜ื™ ื‘ืจืืฉ ื”ืขื™ืŸ , ื›ืคื™ ืฉืืžืจื ื•, ื”ื•ื ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื ื”ื“ืจ ืขื‘ื•ืจ ืื ืฉื™ื ืฉืื™ื ื ื ื™ื™ื“ื™ื ืื•
    ื‘ืขืœื™ ื™ื›ื•ืœื•ืช ืคื™ื–ื™ืช ืœื”ื’ื™ืข ืืœ ื”ืžืงื•ื.
    ืžื” ื›ื“ืื™ ืฉื™ื”ื™ื” ื‘ืชื•ืš ื“ื™ืจื” ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ืช ืœืฆื•ืจืš ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ?
    ื”ืžืขืกื•ืช ื‘ืชื•ืš ื‘ืจืืฉ ื”ืขื™ืŸ ื“ื™ืจื” ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ืช ืื™ื ืŸ ืžืขืกื•ืช ืจืคื•ืื™ื•ืช, ืžื“ื•ื‘ืจ ื‘ื‘ื—ื•ืจื•ืช ื™ืคื•ืช
    ืœืคื™ ื‘ื—ื™ืจื” ืฉืœื›ื ื•ืœืžื” ืฉืืชื ื ืžืฉื›ื™ื ืฉื™ื•ื“ืขื•ืช ืื™ืš ืœื”ื‘ื™ื ืืชื›ื ืœืžืฆื‘ ืฉืœ ืจื’ื™ืขื” ื‘ืขื–ืจืช ืžื’ืข ืžื™ื ื™ ื ืขื™ื.
    ื–ืžืŸ ืžื’ืข ืžืฆื™ืขื™ื ืœื›ื ืœื—ืกื•ืš
    ืืช ื›ืœ ื”ื˜ืจื—ื” ื•ืœื”ื™ืฉืืจ ื‘ื‘ื™ืช. ืœื ืžืฆืœื™ื—ื™ื ืœื”ืฉื™ื’ ืืช ื”ืฉืœื™ื˜ื” ื”ืจืฆื•ื™ื” ืขืœ ืจืžื•ืช ื”ืกื˜ืจืก?
    ื”ื™ื•ื ื‘ื›ืœ ืกืคื ืžื•ืžืœืฅ ื•ื›ื–ื” ืฉืžื›ื‘ื“ ืืช ืขืฆืžื• ื™ืฉ ืžื˜ืคืœื™ื ืžืงืฆื•ืขื™ื™ื ืฉืขื‘ืจื• ื”ื›ืฉืจื•ืช
    ืžืงืฆื•ืขื™ื•ืช ืขืœ ื™ื“ื™ ืžื•ืกื“ ืžื•ืจืฉื” ืœื”ื›ืฉืจืช ืžื˜ืคืœื™ื.
    ืžืกื™ื‘ื•ืช ืจื•ื•ืงื™ื/ืจื•ื•ืงื•ืช, ื™ืžื™ ื”ื•ืœื“ืช,
    ืื™ืจื•ืขื™ ื—ื‘ืจื” ื•ืœืขืชื™ื ืืคื™ืœื• ื—ืชื•ื ื•ืช – ื”ื ืจืง ื—ืœืง
    ืžื”ืื™ืจื•ืขื™ื ืฉื™ื›ื•ืœื™ื ืœื”ื–ืžื™ืŸ ืฉื™ืจื•ืชื™ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืคืจื˜ื™ ื‘ืจืืฉ ื”ืขื™ืŸ
    ืขืœ ื™ื“ื™ ืžืขืกื™ื ืžืงืฆื•ืขื™ื™ื. ื‘ื’ืœื™ืฉื” ื•ื›ื ื™ืกื” ืœ Xfinder ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœืžืฆื•ื ืฉื™ืจื•ืชื™ ืœื™ื•ื•ื™, ื“ื™ืจื” ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ืช, ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช,
    ื ืขืจื•ืช ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ืœืขื™ืกื•ื™, ื ืขืจืช ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ืœืขื™ืกื•ื™, ืžืงื•ืžื•ืช ืกืคื, BDSM,
    ืžื•ืขื“ื•ื ื™ ื—ืฉืคื ื™ื•ืช, ื—ืฉืคื ื™ื/ื™ื•ืช, ื’ื™ื™ื–, ืงื•ืงืกื™ื ืœื™ื•ืช ื•ืขื•ื“ ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ืจื—ื‘.

  5. ื›ืš ืœื“ื•ื’ืžื, ื‘ืขืช ืฉืืชื ืžืขื•ื ื™ื™ื ื™ื ืœืขื‘ื•ืจ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื—ื•ืœื•ืŸ ื”ืžืชืžืงื“ ืืš ื•ืจืง ื‘ืจืืฉ, ืื• ืœื—ื™ืœื•ืคื™ืŸ ื‘ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื”ืžืชืžืงื“ ื‘ืื–ื•ืจ ื”ื›ืชืคื™ื™ื.
    ื‘ืขืช ืขืจื‘ื•ื‘ ื‘ืžืคืจืงื™ื ืžืชืงื‘ืœื™ื ืื•ืชื•ืช ื‘ืžืขืจื›ืช ื”ืขืฆื‘ื™ื ื”ืžืจื›ื–ื™ืช
    ื”ืžื•ื“ื™ืขื™ื ื›ื™ ื ื•ืฆืจื™ื ืชื ืื™ื ื‘ืขืžื•ื“ ื”ืฉื“ืจื” ืœื“ื—ื™ืกื”, ืกื—ื™ื˜ื” ืฉืœ ืžื‘ื ื™ ื—ื•ื˜ ื”ืฉื“ืจื” ื•ื”ืฉื•ืจืฉื™ื ื”ืขื•ืœื™ื ืžืžื ื•,
    ื‘ืจื’ืข ืœืžืขืจื›ืช ื”ืขืฆื‘ื™ื ื”ืžืจื›ื–ื™ืช.
    ื›ืฉืืชื ืžืชืขื ื™ื™ื ื™ื ืœื’ื‘ื™ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื‘ื™ืช
    ืฉืžืฉ , ื“ืขื• ื›ื™ ืคืชื•ื—ื•ืช ื‘ืคื ื™ื›ื ืฉืชื™ ืืคืฉืจื•ื™ื•ืช ืขื™ืงืจื™ื•ืช:
    ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื‘ื™ืช ืฉืžืฉ ื”ืžืชื‘ืฆืข ื‘ื‘ื™ืช
    ื”ืคืจื˜ื™ ืฉืœื›ื ืื• ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื—ื•ืœื•ืŸ ื”ืžืชื‘ืฆืข ื‘ืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื” ืคืจื˜ื™ืช.
    ืžื ื’ื“, ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื‘ื™ืช ืฉืžืฉ ื”ืžืชื‘ืฆืข ื‘ื‘ื™ืช ื”ืคืจื˜ื™ ืฉืœื›ื ืžื’ืœื ื‘ืชื•ื›ื• ืฉืœืœ ื™ืชืจื•ื ื•ืช.
    ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœื”ื–ืžื™ืŸ ืžืชื•ืš ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ืฉืœ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื ืืช ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืฉืœื•
    ืืชื ื–ืงื•ืงื™ื ื›ืžื•: ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืจื’ื™ืข ื•ื ืขื™ื, ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืฉื—ืจืจ, ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ืฉืžืŸ ื—ื, ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื˜ื ื˜ืจื™, ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืงืฆื•ืขื™ ื•ืžืคื ืง ื‘ื‘ื™ืช
    ืฉืžืฉ . ืžื“ื•ื‘ืจ ืขืœ ืžืขื™ืŸ “ื›ืจื˜ื™ืกื™ื™ืช ืขื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื ื‘ื—ื•ืœื•ืŸ!” ืฉืืชื
    ืจื•ื›ืฉื™ื ืžืจืืฉ, ื›ืš ืฉืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœืงื‘ื•ืข ืขื ื”ืžืขืกื” ืžืคืขื
    ืœืคืขื ื‘ื”ืชืื ืœืœื•ื— ื”ื–ืžื ื™ื ืฉืœื›ื ื•ืœืฆืจื›ื™ื ืฉืœื›ื.
    ื•ื›ืืฉืจ ืžื“ื•ื‘ืจ ืขืœ ืื–ื•ืจ ื”ืฆืคื•ืŸ – ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืขื“ ื”ื‘ื™ืช ื‘ื—ื™ืคื” ื”ื•ื ื”ื“ืจืš ืœื”ื™ืฉืืจ
    ื‘ื ื•ื—ื•ืช ื”ืžื•ื›ืจืช ืœืš ื•ืขื“ื™ื™ืŸ ืœื™ื”ื ื•ืช ืžื›ืœ ื”ืขื•ืœืžื•ืช.

  6. ืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื•ืช ืžืฉื›ื™ืจื” ื—ื“ืจื™ ืขื‘ื•ื“ื” ืื™ืฉื™ื™ื ืœืคื™ ืฉืขื”, ืื• ืœืคื™ ืžืฉืžืจืช ืงื‘ื•ืขื” ื‘ืžืจื›ื– ื•ื‘ืฆืคื•ืŸ ืชืœ ืื‘ื™ื‘.

    ืžืชื—ืžื™ ื—ื“ืจื™ ื”ืขื‘ื•ื“ื” ืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื•ืช ื‘ืชืœ ืื‘ื™ื‘, ืžืฆื™ืขื™ื ื—ื“ืจื™ ืขื‘ื•ื“ื” ืื™ืฉื™ื™ื ืœื”ืฉื›ืจื” ืœืคื™ ืฉืขื” ืื• ืœืคื™ ืžืฉืžืจืช ืงื‘ื•ืขื”.
    ื™ืฉื ืŸ ื›ืžื” ื”ื•ืจืื•ืช ื–ื”ื‘, ืœืคื ื™ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง
    ื‘ืชืœ ืื‘ื™ื‘ ื•ืขื•ื“ ืกื•ื’ื™ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื ื•ืกืคื™ื ืืฉืจ
    ืžืขืกื™ื ืจื‘ื™ื ืžืฆื™ืขื™ื ืœืœืงื•ื—ื•ืชื™ื”ื.
    ืœื›ืŸ, ื‘ืฉืœื‘ ื”ื–ื”, ื—ืฉื•ื‘ ืœื‘ื—ื•ืจ ืžืขืกื™ื ืฉื™ื•ื“ืขื™ื ืœืขื‘ื•ื“, ืฉืžื›ื™ืจื™ื ืืช ื”ื’ื•ืฃ ื•ืฉืœืžื“ื• ื‘ืื—ืช ืžืื•ืชืŸ ืžื›ืœืœื•ืช ืžื•ื›ืจื•ืช ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ.

    ืžืŸ ื”ืกืชื, ืคื ื™ื™ื” ืืœ ืžืขืกื™ื ืฉืื™ื ื ืžืงืฆื•ืขื™ื™ื, ืขืœื•ืœื” ืœื™ื™ืฆืจ ืืช ื”ืชื•ืฆืื” ื”ื”ืคื•ื›ื” ื‘ืžืœื•ื ืžื•ื‘ืŸ
    ื”ืžื™ืœื”. ืื™ื›ื•ืชื™ื•ืช, ื™ืคื•ืช ื•ื—ื›ืžื•ืช,
    ื”ืŸ ื‘ืœื•ื ื“ื™ื ื™ื•ืช, ืฉื—ื•ืจื•ืช ืฉื™ืขืจ, ืื“ื•ืžื•ืช ืฉื™ืขืจ, ืืจื•ืš,
    ืงืฆืจ, ืžื‘ื•ื’ืจื•ืช ืฆืขื™ืจื•ืช ื•ื›ืœ ืžื” ืฉืืชื ืฆืจื™ื›ื™ื ื‘ืฉื‘ื™ืœ ืœื”ืฉืœื™ื ืืช ื”ื—ื•ื•ื™ื” ืขืœ
    ื”ืฆื“ ื”ื˜ื•ื‘ ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ. ื”ืžืขืกื™ื ื”ื˜ื•ื‘ื™ื ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ ื‘ื‘ืช ื™ื ืžื—ื›ื™ื
    ืœื›ื ื•ื”ื ื›ืืŸ ื‘ืฉื‘ื™ืœ ืœื”ืขื ื™ืง ืœื›ื ื•ืœื‘ืŸ/ื‘ืช ื”ื–ื•ื’ ืฉืœื›ื ืืช ื”ื˜ื•ื‘ ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ.
    ืคื•ืจื˜ืœ ืกืงืก ืื“ื™ืจ ืฉืœื ื• ืžืืคืฉืจ ืœื›ื
    ืืช ื”ืื™ื›ื•ื™ื•ืช ื”ื’ื‘ื•ื”ื•ืช ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ ืœืœื ืคืฉืจื•ืช,
    ืœืฆื“ ืืกืชื˜ื™ืงื”, ื ื™ืงื™ื•ืŸ ื•ืืคื™ืœื• ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ืื™ื›ื•ืชื™ื•ืช ืื ื• ืžืฆื™ืขื™ื ืœื›ื ืงื˜ื’ื•ืจื™ื” ืื—ืช ืžื™ื•ื—ื“ืช ื‘ืžื™ื ื” ืฉืžื˜ืจืชื” ืœื”ืฉื™ื’ ืœื›ื ืืช ื”ื˜ื•ื‘ ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ – ื ืขืจื•ืช ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ื‘ืกืžื•ืš ืœืžืงื•ื ื”ืžื’ื•ืจื™ื ืฉืœื›ื.
    ื’ื ืขืœ ื›ืš ื—ืฉื‘ื ื• ื‘ืคื•ืจื˜ืœ ื”ื™ื•ืงืจืชื™ ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ ืกืงืก ืื“ื™ืจ
    ื•ืžื›ืืŸ ืฉืื ื• ืžืฆื™ืขื™ื ืืช ื˜ื•ื‘ื™ ื ื•ืชื ื™ ื”ืฉื™ืจื•ืช ื”ืงืจื•ื‘ื™ื ืœืžืงื•ื
    ื”ืžื’ื•ืจื™ื ื›ืš ืฉืœื ืชืฆื˜ืจื›ื• ืœื—ื›ื•ืช ื™ื•ืชืจ ืžื“ื™ ื•ื‘ื˜ื— ืฉืœื ืœืฉืœื ื‘ื’ื™ืŸ ืขืœื•ืช ื–ืžืŸ ื”ื ืกื™ืขื”.
    ืœืคื ื™ ืฉืืชื ืžื‘ื–ื‘ื–ื™ื ืืช ื–ืžื ื›ื ื‘ื—ื™ืคื•ืฉ ืื—ืจ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื ืชื ื™ื”, ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืคืฉื•ื˜ ืœื”ื™ืฉืืจ ื‘ืคื•ืจื˜ืœ “ืืœื˜ืจื ื˜ื™ื‘ื™”!

  7. ืฉื˜ื™ื—ื™ ืืžืจืคื•ืจ ื‘ืฉืจื•ืŸ ืžื›ื™ืจืช
    ืฉื˜ื™ื—ื™ื ืขื‘ื•ื“ืช ื™ื“. ืœื—ืžื™ ืžื—ืžืฆืช, ืžืืคื™ื ืžืœื•ื—ื™ื ื•ืžืชื•ืงื™ื, ืงืคื”, ืขื•ื’ื•ืช ื•ืžืชื•ืงื™ื ืขื‘ื•ื“ืช ื™ื“.

    ื‘ืขื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื ื‘ื ืชื ื™ื”/ื”ืฉืจื•ืŸ ื”ืžืฉื•ืœื‘ื™ื ื™ืฉ ื“ื’ืฉ
    ืขืœ ืขื‘ื•ื“ืช ืฉืจื™ืจื™ื ืžืื•ืžืฆืช ื™ื—ื“ ืขื ืฉื™ืœื•ื‘ ื”ื—ื•ืฉื™ื ืœื’ืจื•ื™ ื•ื™ืฆื™ืจืช ืื•ื•ื™ืจืช ืฉืœื•ื•ื” ื™ื™ื—ื•ื“ื™ืช.
    ืื ื™ ื‘ื—ื•ืจ ืฉื ืจืื” ื˜ื•ื‘, ื™ืฉ ืœื™ ื‘ื™ื˜ื—ื•ืŸ ืขืฆืžื™,
    ืื™ืŸ ืœื™ ื‘ืขื™ื” ืœื”ืชื—ื™ืœ ืขื ื‘ื—ื•ืจื•ืช ื•ื’ื ื“ื™ื™
    ื”ื•ืœืš ืœื™, ืื‘ืœ ืื ื™ ืœื ื™ื‘ื•ื ืœื‘ื—ื•ืจื” ื•ืื’ื™ื“
    ืœื” ืžื” ื”ืคื ื˜ื–ื™ื•ืช ืฉืœื™, ื‘ืขื™ืงืจ ื‘ื’ืœืœ ืฉืื ื™ ื™ื•ื“ืข ืฉื–ื” ื™ื›ื•ืœ ืœื”ื™ืชืคืก ื›ืกื˜ื™ื™ื”.
    ื–ืžืจ ืคื™ื™ื˜ืŸ ืœื‘ืจ ืžืฆื•ื•ื” ืืกืฃ ืฉืคืจ & ืชืคื™ืœื” ื—ื’ื™ื’ื™ืช ืงืœื™ืœื” ืขื ืžืชืŸ
    ื‘ื™ื˜ื—ื•ืŸ ืœื™ืœื“ ืจื™ืงื•ื“ื™ื ืฉืžื—ื” ื•ื”ืชืจื’ืฉื•ืช ื‘ื‘ื•ืงืจ ืฉื™ื–ื›ืจ ืœื“ื•ืจื™ ื“ื•ืจื•ืช.

    ื›ื–ืืช ืฉืฉื•ืžืจืช ืขืœ ื”ืกื‘ื™ื‘ื” ื•ืขืœ ื‘ื™ื˜ื—ื•ืŸ ื‘ื ื™ ื”ืื“ื ื•ื‘ืขืœื™ ื”ื—ื™ื™ื.
    ื–ื” ืœื ืื•ืžืจ ื“ื‘ืจ ื‘ืคื ื™ ืขืฆืžื• ืขืœ ืกื™ื›ื•ื™ื™ ื”ื”ื—ืœืžื” ืฉืœืš.

    ืื‘ืœ, ื–ื” ืฉืืชื ืžืขื•ื ื™ื™ื ื™ื
    ื‘ืฉื™ืจื•ืช ื‘ื˜ื•ื•ื— ื”ืžื™ื™ื“ื™, ืœื ืื•ืžืจ ืฉืื•ืชื” ื”ื‘ื—ื•ืจื” ืžืžื ื” ืืชื ืžืขื•ื ื™ื™ื ื™ื ืœืงื‘ืœ
    ืืช ื”ืฉื™ืจื•ืช, ืื›ืŸ ืชื”ื™ื” ืคื ื•ื™ื” ื•ื™ืฉ ืœืงื—ืช
    ื‘ื—ืฉื‘ื•ืŸ ื’ื ืืช ื–ืžืŸ ื”ื”ื’ืขื”. ื™ืฉ ื‘ื• ืืช ื›ืœ ืžื” ืฉืืชื ืฆืจื™ื›ื™ื ืœื“ืขืช: ืื™ืš
    ืœื ื”ืœ ื ื›ื•ืŸ ืืช ื”ื‘ื™ืช ื”ืžืฉื•ืชืฃ, ืื™ืš ืœืชื—ื–ืง ืื•ืชื• ื•ืื™ืš ืœืฉืคืจ ืืช ืื™ื›ื•ืช ื”ื—ื™ื™ื
    ื‘ื™ืŸ ืืจื‘ืขืช ื”ืงื™ืจื•ืช ืฉืœื›ื. ื”ื“ื™ืจื” ื”ื™ื ื” ืžืจื•ื•ื—ืช
    ื•ื ื•ื—ื” ืžืื•ื“ ืœืžื’ื•ืจื™ื, ื•ื™ื›ื•ืœื” ืœื”ืขื ื™ืง ืœื“ื™ื™ืจื™ื ืื™ื›ื•ืช
    ื—ื™ื™ื ื’ื‘ื•ื”ื” ื•ืขื•ื“ ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ืจื—ื‘ ืฉืœ ื™ืชืจื•ื ื•ืช.

    ื“ื™ืจื” ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ืช ื‘ืžืจื›ื–, ื“ื•ืžื” ืžืื•ื“
    ืœื—ื“ืจ ื‘ื‘ื™ืช ืžืœื•ืŸ.

  8. ืื ื• ืžืฆื™ืขื™ื ืฉื™ืจื•ืชื™ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกื“ืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ื˜ื›ื ื™ืงื•ืช.
    ืžื™ ืฉื’ืจ ื‘ืžื™ืฉื•ืจ ื”ื—ื•ืฃ ื”ื“ืจื•ืžื™ ื•ืจื•ืฆื” ืœื”ื–ืžื™ืŸ ืฉื™ืจื•ืชื™ ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ื‘ืจื—ื•ื‘ื•ืช ืœืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง
    ื™ื›ื•ืœ ืœืขืฉื•ืช ื–ืืช ื‘ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช.

    ืื– ื ื›ื•ืŸ ืฉื”ื˜ื™ืคื•ืœ ืžืคื ืง ื•ืืคืฉืจ ื‘ื”ื—ืœื˜ ืœื‘ื•ื ื‘ืื•ืคืŸ ื—ื“ ืคืขืžื™ ืœืฉืขื”
    ื•ืœืชืช ืœื’ื•ืฃ ื•ืœื ืคืฉ ืžื ื•ื—ื”, ืื‘ืœ ืชื•ืจื” ืขืชื™ืงื” ื–ื• ื”ื™ื ื”ืจื‘ื” ืžืขื‘ืจ ืœื›ืš.
    ืœืกื™ื›ื•ื, ื‘ื™ืœื•ื™ ืขื ื ืขืจื•ืช ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ื”ื•ื
    ื‘ื”ื—ืœื˜ ื“ื‘ืจ ืžื•ืžืœืฅ. ืงืžื™ืœื” ืœื‘ื™ืชืš ืื• ืžืœื•ืŸ ื‘ื—ื™ืคื” ื•ื”ืฆืคื•ืŸื ืขืจืช ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ืœื‘ื™ืชืš ืžืœื•ืŸ ืœื‘ื™ืœื•ื™ ืžืคื ืงโ€ฆ
    ืžื›ื•ื ื™ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง ื‘ืจื—ื•ื‘ื•ืช.
    ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ืจื—ื•ื‘ื•ืช ืžืฉืžืฉื•ืช ืืช ืขื•ื‘ื“ื™ ื”ืžืจื›ื– ื”ืจืคื•ืื™ ืงืคืœืŸ ื•ืืช ื ืฆื™ื’ื™ ืžืคืขืœื™ ื”ืชืขืฉื™ื™ื”.
    ื”ืŸ ื’ื ืื˜ืจืงื˜ื™ื‘ื™ื•ืช ืขื‘ื•ืจ ืขื•ื‘ื“ื™ ืคืืจืง ืชืขืฉื™ื™ืช ื”ื”ื™ื™ ื˜ืง,
    ืžื—ืœื‘ืช ืชื ื•ื‘ื” ื•ื›ืžื•ื‘ืŸ ืžื›ื•ืŸ ื•ื™ืฆืžืŸ.
    ื‘ืืชืจ ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœืžืฆื•ื ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ืฆืคื•ืŸ, ื‘ืžืจื›ื–, ื‘ื“ืจื•ื ื•ื‘ืื™ื–ื•ืจ ื™ืจื•ืฉืœื™ื ื•ื›ืžื•ื‘ืŸ ื’ื ืœื—ืกื•ืš ื‘ื”ื•ืฆืื•ืช.
    ื”ืชืจืฉืžื• ืžืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ื”ืฆืขื•ืช ื”ืื™ืจื•ื— ื‘ืืชืจ ื•ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœื”ื’ื™ืข ืขื•ื“ ื”ื™ื•ื ืœื“ื™ืจื” ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ืช ืžืื•ื‘ื–ืจืช ื•ืžืคื ืงืช.
    ื˜.ืœ.ื— – ื™ืฉ ืœืงื—ืช ืืช ื”ืžื—ื™ืจื™ื ืฉื‘ื˜ื‘ืœื” ื‘ืขืจื‘ื•ืŸ ืžื•ื’ื‘ืœ ื•ืื™ืŸ ืœืจืื•ืช ื‘ื” ื›ืชื—ืœื™ืฃ ืœืงื‘ืœืช ื”ืฆืขื•ืช ืžื—ื™ืจ ืžืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื•ืช ืคื“ื™ืงื•ืจ ืจืคื•ืื™.
    ื“ืจืš ื”ืืชืจ ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœื”ืฉื•ื•ืช ื‘ื™ืŸ
    ื”ืžื—ื™ืจื™ื ืฉืœ ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ื˜ื‘ืจื™ื”, ืฆื™ืžืจื™ื
    ื‘ื›ื ืจืช ื•ื—ื“ืจื™ื ื‘ื‘ื™ืช ืžืœื•ืŸ.

  9. ื‘ื’ืœืœ ืฉื”ืื•ื›ืœื•ืกื™ื™ื” ื‘ืขื™ืจ ื›ืœ ื›ืš ืžื’ื•ื•ื ืช, ื ืขืจื•ืช
    ื”ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ื‘ืขื™ืจ ื”ืŸ ืžื ื•ืกื•ืช ืžืื•ื“ ื•ื™ืฉ ืœื”ืŸ ื ื™ืกื™ื•ืŸ ืขื ื›ืœ ืกื•ื’ื™ ื”ื’ื‘ืจื™ื.
    ื”ืžื—ืงืจื™ื ืžื“ื‘ืจื™ื ื‘ืขื“ ืขืฆืžื ืื›ื™ืœืช ื™ืชืจ ื’ื•ืจืžืช ืœืขืœื™ื™ื” ื‘ืžืฉืงืœ ืœืขื•ืžืช ื–ืืช, ืื›ื™ืœื” ืžืื•ื–ื ืช, ืžื’ื•ื•ื ืช, ื•ื‘ืžื™ื“ื” ืชืฉืžื•ืจ ืขืœ ืžืฉืงืœ ื‘ืจื™ื ื•ืชืงื™ืŸ.
    ืœืื•ืจ ื–ืืช, ื ื™ืชืŸ ืœื”ื‘ื™ืŸ ืžื“ื•ืข ืจื‘ื™ื ืžืคื’ื™ื ื™ื ื—ืฉืฉ ืจื‘ ืœืื•ืจ ื›ืื‘ื™ ืฉืจื™ืจื™ื ื”ืžื•ืคื™ืขื™ื ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืื—ืจ ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื•ืœืขืชื™ื ื’ื ื™ื•ื-ื™ื•ืžื™ื™ื ืื—ืจื™ื•.
    ื”ื—ื“ืจื™ื ืฉืœื ื• ื ื™ืชื ื™ื ืœื”ืฉื›ืจื”
    ืœืคื™ ืฉืขื” ืื• ืžืกืคืจ ืฉืขื•ืช ืœืœื ืฆื•ืจืš ื‘ื”ืชื—ื™ื™ื‘ื•ืช
    ืœืคืจืง ื–ืžืŸ ืืจื•ืš ื™ื•ืชืจ. ืืฉืžื— ืœื”ืคื’ืฉ ืžืคื’ืฉ
    ืื•ืชื™ 700 ืฉืขื” 400ื—ืฆื™โ€ฆ ืžืจื™ื ื” ื ืขืจืช ืœื™ื•ื•ื™ ื—ื“ืฉื” ื‘ื—ื™ืคื” ืžื—ื›ื” ืœื”ื–ืžื ื”
    ืœื‘ื™ืชืš ืื•โ€ฆ ืืžื ื ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื—ื™ืคื” ืฉืขืœื™ื• ืžื ืฆื— ืžืขืกื” ืื—ื“
    ื‘ืœื‘ื“, ื™ื›ื•ืœ ืœื”ืขื ื™ืง ืœื›ื ื‘ื“ื™ื•ืง ืืช ืžื” ืฉืืชื ืฆืจื™ื›ื™ื.
    ืจื•ืฆื™ื ืœืงื‘ืœ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืื™ืจื•ื˜ื™ ื‘ื”ืจืฆืœื™ื” ื•ืจืžืช
    ื”ืฉืจื•ืŸ ? ื‘ืžื‘ื• – ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืชืื™ืœื ื“ื™ ื‘ื”ื•ื“ ื”ืฉืจื•ืŸ.
    ื‘ืื•ืคืŸ ื˜ื‘ืขื™, ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืืจื•ื˜ื™, ืขืœ ืืฃ ื”ื™ื•ืชื ื˜ื™ืคื•ืœื™ื ืžืงืฆื•ืขื™ื™ื
    ืฉื‘ื”ื—ืœื˜ ืžื‘ื™ืื™ื ืœื”ืงืœื” ืขืœ ื”ื’ื•ืฃ ื•ื”ื ืคืฉ, ื”ื ื›ืืœื• ืฉืื ืฉื™ื ืœื ื ื•ื˜ื™ื ืœื”ืชื™ื™ืขืฅ ืœื’ื‘ื™ื”ื ืขื ื—ื‘ืจื™ื ืื• ื‘ื ื™ ืžืฉืคื—ื” ื•ื–ื” ืžืฉื”ื• ืฉื™ื›ื•ืœ ืœื”ืคื•ืš ืืช ื”ืื™ืชื•ืจ ืฉืœ ืขื™ืกื•ื™
    ืืจื•ื˜ื™ ื‘ื‘ื™ืช ืฉืžืฉ ืœืžืขื˜ ืžื•ืจื›ื‘ ื™ื•ืชืจ.
    ื”ืกืคื ืžืชืคืจืฉ ืขืœ ืคื ื™ ืฉืœื•ืฉ ืงื•ืžื•ืช, ื•ื‘ื• ืฉื™ืฉื”
    ื—ื“ืจื™ ื˜ื™ืคื•ืœื™ื ืžืขื•ืฆื‘ื™ื ื•ื ืขื™ืžื™ื, ืกืื•ื ื” ื™ื‘ืฉื” ื•ืจื˜ื•ื‘ื”, ื—ืžืื ื˜ื•ืจืงื™ ื•ื—ืœืœ ื”ืชืจื’ืขื•ืช ืžืคื ืง ื”ืฆื•ืคื” ืœื ื•ืฃ ื”ื™ื ื•ื”ืžืจื™ื ื”
    ื”ืจืฆืœื™ื”. ื”ืกืคื ื‘ื”ืจืฆืœื™ื” ืžืืคืฉืจ ืœื›ื ืœื‘ื—ื•ืจ ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ืจื—ื‘ ืฉืœ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ื™ื, ื•ื‘ื• ื–ืžื ื™ืช ืœื”ื™ืคื˜ืจ ืžื”ื›ืื‘ ื‘ื–ื›ื•ืช ื”ื™ื“ืข ื•ื”ื™ื›ื•ืœืช ืœื’ืขืช
    ื‘ื›ืœ ื—ืœืง ื•ื—ืœืง ื‘ื’ื•ืฃ ื•ืœื”ืชื™ื™ื—ืก ืืœื™ื• ื ืงื•ื“ืชื™ืช.

  10. ืœื ืžืฉื ื” ืื ืžื“ื•ื‘ืจ ื‘ืกื™ื•ื ืฉืœ ืžืกื™ื‘ืช ืจื•ื•ืงื™ื ืžื˜ื•ืจืคืช ืื• ื‘ืชื—ื™ืœืชื•
    ืฉืœ ืขืจื‘ ื—ื•ืœ ืคืฉื•ื˜, ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืื™ืจื•ื˜ื™ ื‘ืจืืฉื•ืŸ
    ืœืฆื™ื•ืŸ ื”ื•ื ื”ื“ื‘ืจ ืฉื™ื”ืคื•ืš ืื•ืชื• ืžืขื•ื“ ืขืจื‘ ืœืขืจื‘ ืฉื™ื™ื—ืจื˜ ื‘ื–ื™ื›ืจื•ื ืš ืœื ืฆื—.

    ื–ื”ื•, ื ื’ืžืจื• ื”ื™ืžื™ื ืฉืืชื ืฆืจื™ื›ื™ื ืœื—ืคืฉ ื•ืœื”ืกืชื›ืŸ ื‘ืคืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ืฉืœื›ื, ื›ืฉื™ืฉ ืœื›ื ืฉื™ืจื•ืช ืฉืงืจื•ื‘ ื•ื ืžืฆื ืžืชื—ืช ืœืืฃ, ื”ื›ื•ืœ ื”ื•ืคืš
    ืคืฉื•ื˜, ืงืœ ื•ื™ื•ืชืจ ื‘ื˜ื•ื—. ื”ืชืงืฉืจื• ืขื•ื“ ื”ื™ื•ื ื•ื‘ืจืจื• ืืช ื”ืคืจื˜ื™ื ื”ืื—ืจื•ื ื™ื ืœืคื ื™ ืฉืืชื ืžื™ื™ืฉืžื™ื ืืช ื”ื“ืจืš ื”ืžื•ืฉืœืžืช ืœื‘ื™ืœื•ื™ ื”ืžื•ืฉืœื
    ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ- ืžืคื’ืฉื™ื ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื™ื ื‘ื“ื™ื•ืง ื›ืžื• ืฉืืชื ืฆืจื™ื›ื™ื ื•ืื•ื”ื‘ื™ื
    ื‘ืฆืคื•ืŸ ื”ืืจืฅ. ื‘ืืžืฆืขื•ืช ืคื•ืจื˜ืœ ื”ื‘ื™ืช ืฉืœื ื• ืชืืคืฉืจื• ืœืขืฆืžื›ื
    ืœืขืฉื•ืช ืืช ื”ื‘ื—ื™ืจื•ืช ื”ื˜ื•ื‘ื•ืช ื•ื”ื ื›ื•ื ื•ืช
    ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ- ื”ื‘ื—ื™ืจื•ืช ืฉืœ ืคืขื ืื—ืช ื‘ื—ื™ื™ื, ื‘ื—ื™ืจื•ืช ืžืื•ืžืชื•ืช ืœืฆื“ ืชืžื•ื ื” ื•ืžื™ื“ืข ืืžื™ืŸ ื™ื•ืชืจ ืžื”ืจื’ื™ืœ.
    ื”ืžืขืกื™ื ื”ืžื ื•ืกื™ื ืฉืœ ื–ืžืŸ ืžื’ืข
    ื‘ื™ืฆืขื• ื›ื‘ืจ ืžืื•ืช ื˜ื™ืคื•ืœื™ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง ื‘ื”ืจืฆืœื™ื” ืขื“ ื”ื‘ื™ืช ืœืฉื‘ื™ืขื•ืช ืจืฆื•ื ื ืฉืœ ื›ืœ
    ื”ืžื˜ื•ืคืœื™ื. ื”ืคืฆืฆื•ืช ื”ืœืœื• ื›ืœ ื›ืš ืžืงืฆื•ืขื ื™ื•ืช ืฉื”ืŸ
    ื™ื•ื“ืขื•ืช ื”ืจื‘ื” ื˜ื›ื ื™ืงื•ืช ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžื™ื•ื—ื“ื•ืช, ืœื ื™ื“ื•ืขื•ืช ืœืจื•ื‘ ื”ื’ื‘ืจื™ื ื•ื”ื ืฉื™ื.
    ืฉื™ืœื•ื‘ ื˜ื›ื ื™ืงื•ืช ืฉื•ื ื•ืช ืฉืœ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื›ืœ ื”ื’ื•ืฃ ื‘ืงืœื™ื ื™ืงื” ื‘ื“ื™ืจื” ื‘ื’ื‘ืขืชื™ื™ื.
    ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง ื‘ื’ื‘ืขืชื™ื™ื ื•ื‘ืื–ื•ืจ ื”ืžืจื›ื– ื‘ื›ืœืœ, ืžื—ืคืฉื™ื ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืžืคื ืง ื‘ื’ื‘ืขืชื™ื™ื ?
    ืชื”ืœื™ืš ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื”ืžืจื›ื–ื™ ืžืชื‘ืฆืข ืขื ืื• ื‘ืœื™
    ืฉืžื ื™ื, ื›ืืฉืจ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ืœืœื ืฉืžื ื™ื ื™ืชื‘ืฆืข ื‘ืชื ื•ืขื•ืช ื—ื™ื›ื•ืš,
    ื”ืจืขื“ื” ื•ื”ืงืฉื” ืขืœ ื™ื“ื™ ืงืฆื•ืช ื”ืืฆื‘ืขื•ืช
    ื‘ืœื‘ื“, ื‘ืœื—ืฅ ืžืฉืชื ื” ื‘ื”ืชืื ืœืื–ื•ืจื™ื
    ืฉื•ื ื™ื ื‘ืคื ื™ื ื•ื‘ื”ืชืื ืœืจื’ื™ืฉื•ืช ื”ืขื•ืจ.
    ืžื” ืฉื›ืŸ, ื”ืžืขืกื” ื›ืžื•ื‘ืŸ ื™ืชืื™ื ืืช ื˜ื›ื ื™ืงืช ื•ืกื•ื’ ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™
    ืขื‘ื•ืจ ื”ืฆืจื›ื™ื ืฉืœื›ื.

  11. ื›ืžื• ื›ืŸ, ืื ืืชื ืžื—ืคืฉื™ื ืขื™ืกื•ื™
    ืืจื•ื˜ื™ ื‘ืจืืฉื•ืŸ ืœืฆื™ื•ืŸ ื‘ืื–ื•ืจ, ืกื‘ื™ืจ ืžืื“
    ืœื”ื ื™ื— ืฉืืชื ื’ื ืชื•ื”ื™ื ืžื” ื”ื™ืชืจื•ื ื•ืช ืฉืœ ื”ื˜ื™ืคื•ืœ ื”ื–ื” ื‘ื›ืœืœ, ื•ืžืชื‘ืจืจ ืฉื’ื ื–ื” ืžืฉื”ื• ืฉืื ืฉื™ื ืœื ื›ืœ ื›ืš ืžื‘ื™ื ื™ื
    ืœืขื•ืžืง ื•ืœื›ืŸ ื ื—ืœื•ืง ืืชื›ื ื’ื ืืช ื”ืžื™ื“ืข ื”ื—ืฉื•ื‘ ื”ื–ื”.

    ืœืคื ื™ ื›ืœ ืขื™ืกื•ื™ ื‘ื‘ืืจ ืฉื‘ืข, ืชืงื‘ืœื• ืฉืืœื•ืŸ ื‘ืจื™ืื•ืช ืฉืื•ืชื• ืชืฆื˜ืจื›ื•
    ืœืžืœื. ื›ืœืงื•ื—ื•ืช ืงื ื™ืŸ ืชืงื‘ืœื• ืฉื™ืจื•ืช
    VIP, ืื™ืฉื™ ื•ืžื•ืชืื ืœื‘ืงืฉืชื›ื. ืื™ืŸ ื‘ืืžืช ื—ืฉื™ื‘ื•ืช ืœืžืงื•ื ื‘ื•
    ืชืงื‘ืœื• ืืช ื”ืขื™ืกื•ื™, ืœืคื—ื•ืช ืœื ื‘ืืฉืจ ืœืกื˜ื ื“ืจื˜ ืฉืขืœ ื›ืœ ื”ืžืขืกื™ื ืœื”ื™ืฆืžื“ ืืœื™ื•:
    ืฉืืœื•ืŸ ื”ื‘ืจื™ืื•ืช. ื—ื‘ืจืช ื›ืœ ื”ื ื•ื—ื•ืช ืฉื‘ืขื•ืœื
    ื”ื™ื ื” ื—ื‘ืจื” ื”ืคื•ืจืฆืช ื“ืจืš ื‘ืืกืคืงืช ืžื•ืฆืจื™ื ื•ื—ื™ืชื•ืœื™ื ืœืžื‘ื•ื’ืจื™ื.
    ืื•ื”ืœ ื‘ื™ื ื”ื™ื ื—ื‘ืจื” ื”ืžืชืžื—ื” ื‘ื”ืงืžืช ืื•ื”ืœื™ื
    ื‘ื™ื ื•ืžื’ื•ื•ืŸ ืื™ืจื•ืขื™ื ืจื—ื‘, ื‘ื™ื ื™ื”ื
    ื’ื ืžืกื™ื‘ืช ืจื•ื•ืงื™ื ืžืกื™ื‘ืช ืจื•ื•ืงื•ืช, ื™ืžื™ ื”ื•ืœื“ืช ื•ืื™ืจื•ืขื™ ื—ื‘ืจื”.

    ื”ื™ื•ื ืฉื•ื›ืจื™ื ืœื™ืžื•ื–ื™ื ื” ืขื‘ื•ืจ ื™ืžื™ ื”ื•ืœื“ืช, ื ืฉืฃ ืกื™ื•ื ื•ืœื
    ืจืง ื—ืชื•ื ื”. ื’ืจื ื“ ืœื™ืžื•ื–ื™ืŸ ื”ื™ื ื—ื‘ืจื” ื”ืžืกืคืงืช
    ืฉื™ืจื•ืชื™ ื”ืฉื›ืจืช ืœื™ืžื•ื–ื™ื ื”. ื’ื’ื•ืช ืจืขืคื™ื, ื‘ื‘ืขืœื•ืช ืฉืœื•ื ื™ืจื•ืฉืœืžื™, ื”ื™ื
    ื—ื‘ืจื” ืจื‘-ืชื—ื•ืžื™ืช. ืฉื™ื ื”ื•ื ืžืจื›ื– ืžืชืงื“ื ืœืฉื™ืจื•ืช ื•ืžื›ื™ืจื” ืฉืœ ืจื›ื‘ื™
    ื™ื•ื ื“ืื™ ื•ืžื™ืฆื•ื‘ื™ืฉื™ ื‘ื‘ืขืœื•ืช ืฉืžื•ืœื™ืง ืขื•ื–ื™ืืœ.

  12. ะกะฟะธัะพะบ ั„ะธะปัŒะผะพะฒ: ัะผะพั‚ั€ะตั‚ัŒ ะพะฝะปะฐะนะฝ ะธ ะฑะตัะฟะปะฐั‚ะฝะพ ะปัƒั‡ัˆะธะต.
    ะ’ะพั‚ ัะผะพั‚ั€ะตั‚ัŒ ะพะฝะปะฐะนะฝ ะฒ ั…ะพั€ะพัˆะตะผ ะบะฐั‡ะตัั‚ะฒะต ะฑะตัะฟะปะฐั‚ะฝะพ ั„ะธะปัŒะผั‹.
    ะ’ั‹ ะปัŽะฑะธั‚ะต ัะผะพั‚ั€ะตั‚ัŒ ั„ะธะปัŒะผั‹ ะพะฝะปะฐะนะฝ.

  13. ะœะธั€ ะ”ะธะบะพะณะพ ะ—ะฐะฟะฐะดะฐ 4 ัะตะทะพะฝ 3 ัะตั€ะธั ัะผะพั‚ั€ะตั‚ัŒ ะพะฝะปะฐะนะฝ ะฑะตัะฟะปะฐั‚ะฝะพ

  14. ื›ื ืกื• ืขื›ืฉื™ื• ืœื“ืคื™ ื”ืžื™ื“ืข ื”ืžื•ืจื—ื‘ื™ื ืฉืœ ื›ืœ ืื—ืช ืžื”ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื”ืžื•ืคื™ืขื•ืช ื‘ืจืฉื™ืžื”
    ื•ื’ื ืืชื ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœื‘ื—ื•ืจ ืœืขืฆืžื›ื
    ืืช ื”ื—ื“ืจ ื”ื ื›ื•ืŸ ืœืžื˜ืจืช ื‘ื™ืœื•ื™ ืื™ื ื˜ื™ืžื™ ื•ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ ืœื›ืœ ืžื˜ืจื” ื‘ื‘ืืจ
    ืฉื‘ืข. ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ื‘ืืจ ืฉื‘ืข, ืžื™ื•ืขื“ื•ืช
    ืœื›ืœ ืื—ื“ ื•ืื—ืช ืžื‘ื™ื ื™ื›ื ื”ืžื‘ืงืฉ ืœืขืฆืžื•
    “ืคื™ื ื” ืฉืงื˜ื”, ื ืขื™ืžื” ื•ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ืช” ืœืฆื•ืจืš ืงื™ื•ืžื ืฉืœ ืžืคื’ืฉื™ื ืื™ื ื˜ื™ืžื™ื™ื ืžื›ืœ ืกื•ื’
    ื•ืœื›ืœ ืžื˜ืจื”. ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื•ืžืคื ืงื•ืช
    ืœื›ืœ ืžื˜ืจื” ื‘ืจืฉื™ืžืช ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ื“ื™ืกืงืจื˜ื™ื•ืช ื‘ื‘ืืจ ืฉื‘ืข, ืชื•ื›ืœื• ืœืžืฆื•ื ื”ื™ืฆืข ืžืจืฉื™ื ืฉืœ ื“ื™ืจื•ืช ืฉื›ืœ
    ืื—ืช ืžืื•ื‘ื–ืจืช ื‘ืžืชืงื ื™ ืื™ืจื•ื— ืžืคื ืงื™ื ื”ื›ื•ืœืœื™ื ื‘ื™ืŸ ื”ื™ืชืจ: ื—ื“ืจื™ ืฉื™ื ื” ืžืจื•ื•ื—ื™ื, ื—ื“ืจื™ ืจื—ืฆื” ืžื˜ื•ืคื—ื™ื,
    ืžื˜ื‘ื—ื•ื ื™ื ืžืื•ื‘ื–ืจื™ื ื‘ืžื›ื•ื ื•ืช ืงืคื” ื•ืฉืชื™ื™ื” ืงืจื”, ืžื™ื ื™ ื‘ืจื™ื, ืžืชืงื ื™ ื’’ืงื•ื–ื™,
    ืกืœื•ื ื™ ืื™ืจื•ื— ืื™ื ื˜ื™ืžื™ื™ื ื•ืžืขื•ืฆื‘ื™ื, ืžืกื›ื™ ื˜ืœื•ื•ื™ื–ื™ื” ื•ืžืชืงื ื™ ืื™ืจื•ื— ื ื•ืกืคื™ื.

    ืกืฆื ืช ื”ื‘ื™ืœื•ื™ื™ื ื”ื‘ืืจ ืฉื‘ืขื™ืช ื›ื•ืœืœืช ื‘ื™ืŸ ื”ื™ืชืจ:
    ืคืื‘ื™ื ื•ื‘ืจื™ื ืžืงื•ืžื™ื™ื ืืฉืจ ื ืคืชื—ื• ื‘ืชื•ืš ืฉื›ื•ื ื•ืช ืžื’ื•ืจื™ื ื•ื•ืชื™ืงื•ืช ื‘ืจื—ื‘ื™ ื”ืขื™ืจ, ื•ื–ืืช ืœืฆื“ ืžืกืขื“ื•ืช ื•ื‘ืชื™ ืงืคื” ื”ืคื•ืขืœื™ื ื‘ืขื™ืงืจ ื‘ืื–ื•ืจื™ ื”ืชืขืฉื™ื™ื” ืฉืœ ื”ืขื™ืจ ื‘ื”ื ืžืžื•ืงืžื™ื ื’ื ืžื•ืขื“ื•ื ื™ ืื™ืจื•ื— ืžื•ื‘ื™ืœื™ื ื ื•ืกืคื™ื.
    ื”ืขื™ืจ ื”ื—ื“ืฉื” ืฉืœ ื‘ืืจ ืฉื‘ืข ื ื•ืกื“ื” ื‘ืฉื ืช 1900 ื•ื”ื•ื›ืจื–ื” ื›ืขื™ืจ ื‘ืฉื ืช 1906.
    ื‘ืฉื˜ื—ื” ืฉืœ ื‘ื™ืจืช ื”ื ื’ื‘ ืžืชื’ื•ืจืจื™ื ืœืžืขืœื” ืž-200 ืืœืฃ ืื™ืฉ,
    ืขื•ื‘ื“ื” ื”ื”ื•ืคื›ืช ืื•ืชื” ืœืขื™ืจ
    ื”ืฉืžื™ื ื™ืช ื‘ืื•ื›ืœื•ืกื™ื™ืชื” ื‘ื™ืฉืจืืœ.
    ืžืกืคืจ ืžื™ืœื™ื ืขืœ ื‘ืืจ ืฉื‘ืข ื•ื—ื™ื™ ื”ืœื™ืœื” ื‘ืขื™ืจ ื‘ืืจ ืฉื‘ืข, ื‘ื™ืจืช ื”ื ื’ื‘ ื•ื”ื“ืจื•ื ื”ื™ื ืื—ืช ืžืฉื ื™ ื”ืขืจื™ื ื”ื’ื“ื•ืœื•ืช
    ื‘ื™ื•ืชืจ ื‘ื™ืฉืจืืœ (ืžืงื“ื™ืžื” ืื•ืชื”
    ืจืง ื™ืจื•ืฉืœื™ื) ื•ื–ืืช ืœื ื•ื›ื— ื”ืขื•ื‘ื“ื” ืฉื‘ืืจ ืฉื‘ืข ืžืฉืชืจืขืช ืขืœ ืคื ื™
    ืฉื˜ื— ืžื•ื ื™ืฆื™ืคืืœื™ ืฉืœ 117,500 ื“ื•ื ื!